Log suggests STADIA will soon lose exclusivity to this Bomberman game

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Several weeks ago, we informed you that Konami would launch a new game in its Bomberman franchise, which was focused on multiplayer combat and would arrive exclusively for Google STADIA. If you wanted to try this new game in the series, but couldn’t because Google STADIA is not available in your region, don’t worry, it seems to be a matter of time before it reaches more systems.

We say this because a game log just came out, but for PC, a platform for which it is not announced yet. Those responsible for this leak are again the South Korean video game classification and administration panel (Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea), according to information from Gematsu.

The record only mentions the PC version, but it is very possible that, taking into account the scope of the franchise and that Super Bomberman R is already available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it will also reach these platforms.

Super Bomberman R Online offers battle royale action

The most recent installment of Bomberman tries to unite the Battle Royale premise with the classic game mechanics of the series and the result is battles in huge mazes with up to 64 players.

Something interesting about this game is that users can choose from a wide variety of characters, among which they can find iconic heroes from Konami franchises, such as Metal Gear and Silent Hill. It also includes the characteristic feature of Google STADIA Crowd Play, which allows streamers to organize games with their followers easily and which would most likely be scrapped for consoles and PC.

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Super Bomberman R Online debuted on September 1, 2020 on Google STADIA, so it is very likely that its exclusivity is half a year and we could see it on more platforms in March, or it could be 1 year, which would delay the arrival to other systems for several more months.

As on other occasions, we invite you to take all this information as something unofficial, because so far Konami has not mentioned anything about it, so the only platform on which Super Bomberman R Online is available is Google STADIA.

However, we remind you that this Korean classification body has revealed in advance the announcement of games that end up being confirmed later, such as Fortnite for Switch, Parappa the Rapper for PlayStation 4 and Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition, so it is very likely the same will happen in this case.

Did you expect the arrival of this title to more consoles? Do you plan to buy it? Tell us in the comments.

Since we are talking about Bomberman, we inform you that a Konami creative hinted late last year that there would be news of the series soon; Fans thought the reveal was the spin-off Bombergirl, an arcade title that Japanese people will be able to play on their PCs, but the announcement the developer was referring to could well be the arrival of Super Bomberman R Online on more platforms. We will keep you informed. You can find more news related to Bomberman if you visit this page.

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