After the expected and at the same time surprising presentation of the Apple Watch Series 6 at yesterday’s event We are still receiving news and analyzing details which were not commented on in the keynote. Details such as the charging speed of the new Apple Watch as well as the connection to 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

More speed, both in charging and in connection


An issue that was barely mentioned in yesterday’s keynote is the increase in connection speed through Wi-Fi networks that the new Apple Watch Series 6 will enjoy. This new model is compatible with 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, so the increase in speed will be more than remarkable.

Until now Apple Watch only supported 2.4GHz networks, so some tasks, such as downloading new updates, felt somewhat slow compared to an iPhone, for example. Now with the Apple Watch Series 6 the speed will be practically the same on both devices, so we will notice a significant improvement.

In parallel, the Apple Watch Series 6 also receives improvements in charging speed. This model charges up to 20% faster than the Series 5. An improvement to take into account if we add sleep monitoring and its need for battery before going to bed.

Continuing with the battery issue, it is important to mention that the Apple Watch SE, also recently presented, is noticeably slower in charging times. According to Apple, the Apple Watch Series 6 goes from 0 to 80% in an hour and takes an hour and a half to reach 100%. The Apple Watch SE, on the other hand, takes 1.5 hours to reach 80% and needs 2.5 hours in total to reach 100%. In other words, to charge both watches to the maximum the SE model needs an extra hour.

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Version by version the different iterations of the Apple Watch have evolved and gained more functions, in addition to updating its internal technology. This is something that we can overlook sometimes, but seen in retrospect or comparatively, it is striking.

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