LLYC debuts on July 22 on BME Growth valued at € 109.3 million

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LLYC to debut as listed on BME Growth next Thursday, July 22. The communication consulting firm has obtained this Tuesday the approval of the board of directors of the platform to be listed on the stock market for SMEs, in which it will be released with a starting valuation of 109.3 million euros.

This amount has been established from the price of 9.39 euros per share which has been set through a public subscription offer (OPS) of new shares that has been divided into a retail tranche and another for institutional investors. A process that LLYC already reported on June 23.

With this offer, LLYC seeks to promote its growth strategy and “consolidate its position as a benchmark in the sector at an international level,” as the firm announced. The objective that your business plan establishes is doubling the size of the group in the next five years.

Strategic Alliances

To achieve this milestone, the credentials with which LLYC arrives at BME Growth are to integrate exponential technologies into the portfolio of services, carry out value acquisitions to continue incorporating capabilities that contribute to consolidating the group’s differential positioning, establish strategic alliances to enter new geographies and drive organic growth above the market.

These are the guidelines with which the company that will become the eighth company to make the leap to BME Growth this year expects to accelerate its expansion and cash generation. Its shares will be traded under the acronym LLYC and it has the services of Rent 4 Bank as a liquidity provider and registered advisor. In addition, he has counted on the Pérez Llorca law firm for legal advice.

Shareholder map and dividends

Currently, the consulting firm has nine relevant shareholders. 59.74% of the capital is in the hands of the partners of the consulting firm, while 17.19% is owned by the president of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente.

Behind, the owners of the Mayoral textile with an 8.23% stake through Global Portfolio Investments. The CEO in America of the firm, Alejandro Romero, has 5.67%. For her part, the CEO in Europe, Luisa García, has 2.27% of the titles.

With regard to its dividend policy, LLYC “wants to maintain a balance between growth and shareholder remuneration so, although initially it considers prioritizing reinvestment in growth, does not rule out distributing dividends depending on the financial situation of the company and existing investment opportunities. “However, for 2021 no distribution is contemplated against the share premium.

Offices in 16 locations

The president and founding partner of LLYC, José Antonio Llorente, highlighted that this offer “will promote the LLYC project in the direction that we have developed in recent years, consolidating ourselves as one of the leading communication, public affairs and marketing consulting companies of the international scene “.

LLYC currently has offices in 16 locations around the world: Argentina, Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona), United States (Miami, New York and Washington, DC), Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal and the Dominican Republic. In addition, it offers its services through affiliated companies in the rest of the Latin American markets.

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