Llorente’s girlfriend recovers her hottest poses of the summer and sets fire

Patricia Noarbe, better known as Paddy In the world of social networks, she is one of the most active and followed soccer girlfriends on Instagram. And in the last few hours the temperature has risen, recovering several suggestive poses from last summer and those who appear in a thong with one of his dogs.

“Time flies”Marcos Llorente’s girlfriend wrote in one of her Instagram stories next to the photo we are talking about. He then published two other very similar in which he comes out hugging the dog and smiling in the pool.

All three photos uploaded by Paddy.All three photos uploaded by Paddy.

A Paddy who does not stop growing on social networks. The reasons are several, since it is clear that the posed posts that it publishes are liked a lot by its followers, but it is also well known for its work to change life habits in terms of food and sports to people who decide to follow its advice and plans.

But not everything is rosy. A few months ago he also revealed on Instagram that he went through a bump and thanked for the support with an emotional text: «Lately I have had certain days that could have been better and thinking about several things I have realized how essential work is for me since Paddyness started, it is something that fills me TOO MUCH so I wanted to say THANK YOU AND THANK YOU for so much. I believe that life smiles at me, I am very grateful and every day I wake up wanting to give the best of myself, myself and those around me and always have a smile, for me and for everyone, BUT obviously from time to time I have my ‘stripes’ and concerns like everyone else, ”said Patricia Noarbe.