Lizbeth Rodríguez’s boyfriend “got lost” among her charms

Lizbeth Rodríguez's boyfriend was lost among her charms (Instagram)

Lizbeth Rodríguez’s boyfriend was lost among her charms | Instagram

Through a story on Instagram is that Lizbeth Rodriguez She shared a video where her boyfriend Esteban Villagomez rested among his charms, while he lost himself among them enjoying it, surely it caused the envy of millions.

One of the most controversial conductors and youtuber in all of Mexico is the beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez, who on constant occasions we have seen her involved in several scandals, of which many claim have been caused by herself, as you well know one of her main works is expose the infidels, his name is immediately associated with precisely three of the most important youtuber in the country:

Luisito Communicates Kimberly Loaiza Juan de Dios Pantoja

Lizbeth Rodriguez he saw the need to expose Juan de Dios Pantoja to the insistent aggressions towards him, as for Luisito Comunica it was more than anything a coincidence, but unlike Juan de Dios he did end up with his partner.

Many internatuas as a result of this conflict, which was precisely at the beginning of the year, decided to stop following her on their social networks, although so far this number continues to be quite high and growing, 11 million 700 thousand followers are those who continue to be loyal to Liz Rodríguez .

In one of her Instagram stories, she shared a video of a few minutes where her boyfriend Esteban Villagomez is “resting” among his superior charms, practically half of his face is inside Lizbeth Rodríguez’s blouse, who found it funny share it.


Although in the stories only the user who shared it can see the reactions of the Internet users, it is certain that Lizbeth Rodriguez has had thousands of comments on that video.

Both Lizbeth and Esteban tend to joke with each other, their relationship is quite happy, loving and is likely to cause great envy, but at the same time it is really nice to see them together having fun as a couple, especially with the occurrences of one and On the other, although Lizbeth’s personality is much more expIosive than Esteban’s, he usually calms her down a lot and makes her relax, they both have very good chemistry and get along the best.

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In some videos that the host of “Secrets” shared weeks ago, she shared a very happy news not only for her but also for the fans who adore her and that is Lizbeth Rodriguez and Esteban are planning to commission a family, in fact he mentioned that they were already working on it, it would be nice if they would share the news of their pregnancy with us in a few months.

Something that characterizes the driver, businesswoman, influencer and model is her character and the way she deals with problems in addition to always giving her honest opinion, recently she became very good friends with Celia Lora, both shared a unique experience in a reality show quite interesting was entitled “Barak the experiment” where other Internet personalities participated together with them to make some esoteric games.

They were ten days in a cabin finishing the program Lizbeth decided to do a “clean” shared part of the process in their stories of Instagram.

Rodríguez has been characterized by having a strong character, throughout his life he has gone through strong trials, something that perhaps not everyone knows, so it is very easy for them to criticize without knowing what is behind, fortunately for everything that Lizbeth went through Throughout his life and career he has served as a “school” learning great lessons and sharing them with his fans at every opportunity.

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