Lizbeth Rodríguez will be sued by Dalas Review affirms youtuber | Instagram

After Dalas Review He shared a video where he himself exposed Lizbeth Rodríguez for certain slanders he had made against her, he shared another one again but where they affirm that he will sue her.

The youtuber is determined to sue the former host of exposing infidels Well, in a video that she did about an interview with the Spanish doing her the favor, however later she spoke ill of him in a video where she spoke of various youtubers.

Arguably, exposed to Spanish showing videos and documents in which he was accused of having been intimate with a minor, stating that his own ex girlfriend accused him and others.

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Before this Dalas responded with another video where he exposed it and showed with evidence screenshots and videos where showed that everything she had said was a lie.

Shortly after Dalas released the video Lizbeth Rodríguez started making certain posts on his account Twitter they were clearly directed at him and constantly.

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« I am honestly very sad. Today I understood that Lizbeth is out of control … », shared Dalas on his Twitter account.

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Given this, Dalas indignantly shared a new video where he affirms that despite not having lawyers in Mexico, he knows that many of his fans are and that if they were interested in bringing a lawsuit against Lizbeth Rodríguez He would come to Mexican lands to sue her for the slander he was doing against her.

In his new video he again clarified things and reaffirm What he had already talked about in past videos even showed some of the posts that Lizbeth had made on her Twitter account.

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« You were the only mature man who was able to stop this woman, » shared a user on the application in response to Dalas’ tweet.

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