Lizbeth Rodríguez asks for prayers, “it got complicated, he’s hospitalized”

Lizbeth Rodríguez asks for prayers, “it was complicated, he’s hospitalized” | Instagram

With great concern, the youtuber Lizbeth Rodríguez made a request to her followers on social networks, prayers for a member of her work team.

The couple of Esteban Villagómez She shared brief images in her Instagram stories in which she is obviously concerned about the situation that her colleagues and friends are experiencing when facing contagion.

According to the beautiful Lizbeth Rodríguez, some of her friends are already coming out of Covid-19; However, Jorge has not had the same luck, his health was complicated and he has been admitted. The dislocated face of the former star of Exposing Infidels denotes his enormous concern and his enormous responsibility with his colleagues and friends. Liz indicated that Jorge is in Nayarit and that he would support his wife to travel with him.

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Since they realized that Covid-19 reached their work team, Lizbeth Rodriguez has been visibly concerned about the health of her team

The youtuber stated that they lived in two houses and that in one of them almost all of the guests tested positive for Covid-19, while in the house she was in there were only a couple of people, what worried her the most is that it they were the nanny of his son Eros.

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At first Liz tried to continue her Infieles work tour; However, the situation got complicated and the influencer understood that it was best to stay home.

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As she revealed, fortunately she and her partner Esteban Villagómez tested negative for the virus and Lizbeth only had a little cold. The star of social networks announced that his companions would return to their homes by land to avoid infections and that they were in contact and supporting them with doctors and medicines at all times.

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It is worth noting that these young people were on tour in some states of Mexico for Lizbeth’s YouTube series, Infidels, which obtained enormous success for continuing with the format that made the influencer famous by exposing infidels.

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