Lizbeth Rodríguez affirms that she does not like to use photoshop | Instagram

The host of « Secrets » and also youtuber Lizbeth Rodríguez confessed in her most recent video on YouTube that she did not like it use pshotoshop in your photos.

A few days ago a video of 10 minutes where he shared a photo shoot on a virgin island in Nayarit.

On Isla Isabel he took on the task of taking a awesome photo shoot with many bikinis and a nice white dress.

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It should be noted that it was recorded before the events of COVID-19 so her followers shouldn’t be alarmed, Lizbeth she has been very careful with its videos and the care that must be taken in the face of the pandemic.

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« Friends, I have the pleasure of letting you know what a trip is like and all that it implies for my team and for me to make videos possible for you, absolutely everything is always an adventure and this one in particular was on Isabel Island in Nayarit! true paradise!  » video description.

It was several outfits that he wore the pretty driver, over several weeks we have been able to enjoy the results in his Instagram posts.

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While the photographs were taken, he made some descriptions of the fauna of the place, and at some point in the video the photographer commented that he had some marks on his leg like a picket, because she has very sensitive skin.

« All the people know that I was pique, is what I say to me I do not like photoshop are things that happen to us, not all of us have perfect skin and less me, » said Lizbeth.

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Although his comment is true can’t avoid that in some photographs they have made some edits because it is also part of the photographer who probably edits his photographs a little to improve them.

For now Lizbeth show off your skin, whether she is perfect or not and that is a great pride as a woman because not all of us are aware that we are perfect with all our imperfections and we should value it as much as she does, there is nothing more to say: Thank you very much Lizbeth!

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