After saying goodbye as the most watched Spanish fiction of 2018 with its first season, ‘Live without permission’ returned to Telecinco on January 13 with its final delivery. Once again, José Coronado led a cast that lived the unexpected return of Álex González, in which it was the first turn of a ten-episode series loaded with plot twists, deaths and plots.

José Coronado in the second season of ‘Live without permission’

The fiction created by Aitor Gabilondo has embarked on a somewhat unusual strategy in the world of generalist networks, since, during its open broadcast, Netflix premiered the entire second season, making the end available to its users before it reached Telecinco. Despite that move, which has kept ‘Live Without Permission’ at the top of the streaming platform for weeks, Alea Media’s production has not undergone abrupt variations in Monday’s prime time, averaging 15.01% share and 2.038 million viewers.

Maxima at the ends

The second season of ‘Live without permission’ lived its peak share on the day of its premiere, on January 13, when it reached 16.4% on average, marking 2.281 million viewers. Nevertheless, his best data regarding viewers corresponds to his final outcome who, amassing 15.4%, managed to gather 2.385 million faithful followers on March 16.

As for the lowest moment of the season, it took place on March 9 with the broadcast of the penultimate episode, followed by 1,831 million viewers. Thus, the Mediaset thriller also signed its worst historical data in the final stretch of its second installment, which in general terms has concentrated four points less than its predecessor.

Audiences of the 1st season of ‘El pueblo’ in TelecincoNº EpisodioDateEspectadoresShare1. A thousand reasons not to return13 / 01 / 20202,281,00016.4% 2. Solitary King 01/20/2019 1,969,000 14.1% 3. Believe in me01 / 01 / 20202.151.00015.9% 4. The caged lion 02/03/202 2,053,000 15.9% 5. The first error 10/02/2019 1,924,000 14.7% 6. The last landing17 / 02 / 20201,934,00014.4% 7. I don’t hold a grudge for you 02/24/2020 1.883.000 14.5% 8. The lesser evil 03/02/2019 1,972,000 14.8% 9. A very dark place 03/03/2019 1.831.00014% 10. Before I left16 / 03 / 20202.385.00015.4% AverageJanuary – March2.038.30015.01%

Total leadership

The second season of ‘Live without permission’ has led on the ten consecutive Mondays in which it has been broadcast, despite the confrontation with various competitors. On the day of its premiere, neither the cinematographic proposals of laSexta, Antena 3 and La 1 nor the respective debut of ‘First Dates: Crucero’ could overshadow the intrigues of the Bandeira. In its third week, the emergence of ‘Masters of sewing’ served as a threat to the hegemony of ‘Living without permission’, but the series managed to surpass the talent data by 2.5 points.

From then on, the main change in prime time occurred in the penultimate week of broadcast of this second season, when Antena 3 launched the new ‘Me slips’ programs. However, the entertainment space presented by Arturo Valls, despite unseating ‘Masters of Sewing’ and taking second place in its premiere, failed to question the leadership of ‘Live without permission’, which would close an ideal path, without falling from the highest at any time.