Livia Brito exposes her charming silhouette to the sun’s rays

Livia Brito exposes her charming silhouette to the rays of the sun | Instagram

The actress Livia Brito shared a photograph in which she showed one of her favorite hobbies, the routines that keep her figure at bay and in the taste of all her fans, it was on this occasion that “cuban“He shared a moment just before starting his day.

That is how Livia brito recharges its energies when exposed to the sun’s rays showing its defined silhouette in a two-piece set in purple.

The next protagonist of “The soulless“He has once again caused a stir among his followers by sharing one of the most harmonious moments of his day to day, when he is about to perform the routines that take care of his beautiful silhouette. The native of Havana, Cuba shared a message on the postcard .

My favorite time of the day is when I take time to exercise, it relaxes me, makes me feel balanced, supplementing my exercise routine with my favorite protein and enjoying the rich rays of the sun #wnbfit #beunique @wn_bfit

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Livia Brito Pestana, has an absolute discipline for the fitness life, something that has accompanied her for most of her life since apparently, it has been one of her favorite hobbies since then.

It did not take long for his “aLIVIAnados” to dedicate several messages to Livia Brito in which they reiterated their admiration for her great attractiveness.

Precious, ‘Woww’, ‘Gorgeous’, ‘Always beautiful’, ‘Your hair’, ‘Divinaaaaa Livi’, ‘Hermosaisisimaaaaaaaaa’, ‘You are a beautiful princess’.

Brito Pestana is capable of attracting all eyes and one of her most recent photographs would not be the exception since the one from Ciego de Ávila, Cuba appears surrounded by a large garden, and it is that for the also “model” there would be nothing better than doing physical exercise outdoors, breathing fresh air and being in contact with nature.

The beautiful 34-year-old artist who made her acting debut in Mexico in 2010 in “Triunfo del amor” is one of the most beautiful figures on the small screen.

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Her role as “Fernanda Sandoval” in melodrama without a doubt marked the beginning of her career although it was her performance in “La Piloto” where she gave life to “Yolanda Cadena” that would undoubtedly mean her rise to fame.

Likewise, Livia Brito has become known for other melodramas such as “Italian girl is coming to marry” where she shared the leading role with José Ron, for the first time and where apparently the flame of romance would arise among the protagonists.

Stories such as “Abismo de pas! Ón”, “That I love you, I love you”, “Doctors, life line”, “Forever Joan Sebastián”, among others, have shaped his artistic career.

Daughter of Rolando Brito and Gertrudis Pestana, Livia Brito will mark her return to television with the next melodrama called “La Desalmada”

The “tik toker” will give life to Fernanda Linares, a woman who “in search of justice, found love”, according to the promo for the next production that will hit the screens next July 5 at 09:30 pm .

It was the remembered presenter of “Dancing for a dream” who recently shared the promo published on the novel’s Instagram account.

FOUR WEEKS TO GO is read in the first lines of the publication.

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The celebrity will share credits again with José Ron in addition to other prominent names in the performance including Marlene Favela, Marjorie de Sousa, Sergio Basáñez, Cecilia Galliano, Raúl Araiza, Kimberly Dos Ramos, Laura Carmine, Alberto Estrella, Verónica Jaspeado, Julio Vallado, Eduardo Santamarina, Francisco Gattorno, Gonzalo García Vivanco, Ana Martín, Azela Robinson; among others.

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