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The team led by the Argentine coach will look for a young promise from the club.

Marcelo Bielsa.



May 28, 2020, 04:47 p.m.

Leeds United’s technical director, Rosario Marcelo Bielsa, requested the incorporation of Welsh forward Harry Wilson, who is on loan at Bournemouth, but whose pass belongs to Liverpool, leader of the Premier League and current champion of Europe.

As Football Insider revealed, Bielsa is a great admirer of the versatile attacker, whom he considers extremely talented and with the potential to become a true star.

The “left-hander” scorer, relegated to Liverpool by attackers at the level of the team Mohamed Salah, Senegalese Sadio Mané, Brazilian Roberto Firmino and Belgian Divock Origi, is 23 years old and Leeds – head of the Football League Championship, the main England promotion tournament – He had already consulted last season for a loan that could not be repaid.

Wilson, who played 13 games for the Welsh national team, was valued at $ 30 million, but with the current market affected by the coronavirus pandemic, the price may drop.

Wilson scored six goals in 27 games for Bournemouth this season, interrupted since March by covid-19.



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