The UEFA president believes it is unthinkable that the coronavirus epidemic would deprive Liverpool of the title of champion of England.

With 25 points ahead nine days to go in the Premier League, it could have been written a few days ago that only a cataclysm could deprive Liverpool of the title of champion of England. This scenario is taking shape with the epidemic of coronavirus, which has interrupted the season. It is impossible at the moment to imagine the date of a possible resumption of the championship. And now, the cancellation of the season is part of the hypotheses mentioned.

According to English regulations, that would be to deprive Liverpool a title that the Mersey club has been desperately waiting for 30 years. And that Jurgen Klopp’s men have deserved. For the UEFA president, it is unthinkable to envisage such an outcome.

“They will get the title one way or another”

“I don’t see how Liverpool could end up untitled,” said Alexsander Ceferin in the Slovenian press. If the Premier League takes over, Liverpool will almost certainly win the title. Theoretically, it’s not over, but it’s almost done. If, by chance, the game does not resume, we still have to find a way to declare the final results, to award the titles of champions. “

“And again, I can’t see, I can’t imagine a scenario in which the champion would not be Liverpool,” Ceferin says about the Premier League. I understand that fans will be disappointed if it happens in a empty stadium or even in the offices of the league, but I think they will get the title somehow. “

UEFA does not want unassigned titles, it is its credo. But the body first wants to do everything to try to resume and end the current season. We saw it with the Belgian championship, who angered UEFA when last week announced the end of the Jupiler League, and the title awarded to Club Bruges, in an office.

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