Liverpool’s director of public health, Matthew Ashton, assured that the increase in coronavirus cases in the city may have been influenced by having played the Champions League match against Atlético de Madrid.


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For that meeting, about 3,000 fans from Madrid traveled, just a few days before the state of alarm was decreed in Spain.

According to data from the British Government, by March 20 there were only 20 cases of coronavirus in London, a number that has multiplied to more than 300 less than two weeks later.

Speaking to the British newspaper The Guardian, Ashton explained that it was not the right decision for that match to take placeBut he added that it was not a mistake made on purpose and that perhaps at that time the gravity of the situation was not understood.

The meeting was on the wire to be played behind closed doors until the night before the celebration, in which the different entities involved in the party decided that it should take place under normal conditions.

Atlético de Madrid got their pass to the quarterfinals of the tournament, although the rest of the competition is on hold and it is not yet known how UEFA will proceed to develop what remains of the Camepon League.