Liverpool surpasses Leicester and already flies at the top of the Premier

There is no setback that can stop this Liverpool. Neither injuries nor infections by Covid-19 nor an always dangerous equipment like the Leicester. Nothing. Klopp was missing up to six starters who, after a very serious game, is placed leader of the Premier next to Tottenham from Mourinho after winning with goals from Evans (pp), Jota and Firmino.

Speed ​​’Made in Premier’ in the first part

The game that closed the Sunday day in the First League it was five forks. Partly because in England, with few exceptions, football goes at a different speed. All the players are ‘supercars’ locked in a grass circuit and it shows from the first minute.

Therefore, the Liverpoollittle friend of speculation, he launched into Leicester just start with the intention of making you fall into error. Pure electricity those of Klopp in a Anfield off but with the spirit of life from before. They tested Schmeichel on a couple of occasions but, football things, who beat the Dane was his own teammate Jonny evans. The defender, in a clearance attempt that only he should have understood as such, slipped the ball into his goal after a corner kick (1-0). Until then, the visitors had timidly approached about the goal of Alisson but without the mordant of other days.

And it is that Leicester It took him a lot to overcome the pressure of Klopp’s. They could hardly find Vardy, condemned to do kilometers without the ball, and they were limited to meet back when the ‘reds’ smelled blood. And they smelled it again before the break. Again Jot. The Portuguese, sweet since he signed with him Liverpool, finished off a center made to measure by Robertson to make it 2-0 and send the game practically to the pocket.

Firmino got away with it

Past the changing rooms, the Leicester made a feint to stretch. But it was just that, a feint. He did not detract from the intensity of his game but he still did not contribute ideas. Yes, Liverpool did it in the figure of their most talented player, Firmino, who sought his goal and was left with the desire up to three times.

The clearest of them all, the last one, which had two clubs and a clearance of Fuchs on the line that did not enter because, sometimes, miracles exist. The only thing left to the Brazilian was to vent an incredulous smile. The same smile that later turned into one of relief after finally scoring his goal at Milner’s service from the corner.

Beyond that, which was not little, the Liverpool he shielded himself as the minutes passed and at the Leicester, who escaped from the timer, he had no choice but to admit that it was not his night. Thus, those of Klopp rise to the leadership and leave the ‘Foxes’ with the desire but with a meritorious fourth place.