In Liverpool, the presence of Atlético de Madrid fans is still rubbing shoulders in the round of 16 tie played at Anfield. In the English city they believe that the rise in current coronavirus cases is due to the arrival of 3,000 Spaniards on March 11, when cases had already been reported in Madrid.

03/26/2020 at 13:10


Liverpool Mayor himself, Joe Anderson, He spoke in the media ‘Liverpool Echo’ and charged against Atlético fans: “Atlético traveled to Anfield and thousands of their supporters joined them. At that time, Madrid was already experiencing an acute outbreak of coronavirus and Atlético had been ordered to play the matches on their own ground behind closed doors & rdquor ;. He added: “Many questioned the decision at the time, but UEFA and the UK government did not impose any restrictions on the game going normally,” he said.

At that time, in Liverpool they had not yet diagnosed any cases and at the moment the coronavirus is already present in the English city.