Almost 2,000 km separate the city from where I live to the capital of European Rock’N’Roll, a coastal and industrial city in the North West of England, Liverpool. In this sense, being a coastal city had its particular role in that this city became an explosion of the Rock’N’Roll culture in the late 1950s.

Thanks to its seaport, sailors arrived from the United States absorbed in the music and the ‘rebellious’ culture that was brewing on the other side of the Ocean and with it they brought among their belongings those LP’s that at the time were sticking to the lists American music. (As if in a mixer we put Rythmn and Blues and Jazz and therefore we add the discontent and rebellion of the youth in those postwar years against all the established order).

Those sailors brought with them, as I said before, records by Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, The Big Bopper, Chuck Berry, a certain Elvis Presley among many others.

Contemporaries of those years, characters appeared in that city who, without realizing or unintentionally, were going to change the music forever. We find some working class kids, very punished by the society of that time (a society like the British, very select, refined and very worked in what refers to education), they appear breaking with everything.

A teenager named John Lennon very influenced by the music he had just met, with a rather convulsed family life, meets another guy named Paul at school and they decide to set up a Rock’N’Roll group imitating the greats who came from the other side of the puddle, what they would not know is that in the end the students would surpass the teacher.

That’s where a server appears, influenced by Beatle music since childhood, where my father put the Beatles compilations on an Opel Vectra cassette every time we went on vacation to the beach where I started to understand and understand each chord of every song from them.

So I got down to work and fortunately over the years I wanted to live all that experience first hand and where better than to live that Beatle experience? Well in Liverpool.

Accompanied by my partner (who has really earned heaven with me, and from here I THANK YOU), a backpack and a few pounds safely, we took a high-speed train from London to Liverpool, 2 hours away by the British countryside that becomes eternal….

We got off the train at noon at the James Street station near the seaport; When you leave the station, a strange sensation already intoxicates you, as if a superior being put the song of ‘In my life’ as a soundtrack. As soon as we enter the streets of this city, we come across the statue of the four geniuses heading towards the mouth of the River Mersey. Heading towards the Beatles museum, in the same port, we stumbled upon the shipyards where in the early 20th century a part of the Titanic was made.

Liverpool seaport

We enter the museum and through helmets with the corresponding translation into Spanish they tell us everything that happened to the famous group….

Entrance to The Beatles Museum

We stumbled upon the first gem, their instruments from when they were called ‘The Quarry Men’ in the late 1950s…

Instruments from the band The Quarry Men

Paul McCartney’s 1st Guitar

Ringo Star Battery

We are touring the museum, we go back to the time when they were already called ‘The Beatles’ and played in Hamburg hostess clubs.

We continue touring the rooms with ‘Twist and Shout’ in the background and we come to a chapter room where the instruments are displayed in their order as if at any moment they appeared and started playing ‘Help’!

The Beatles instruments

Almost with our fingers we touch the original folio in which McCartney wrote ‘Yesterday’, with its lyrics and chords.

For me, the most special moment of the museum was perhaps when I passed by the old organ ‘Mellotron’, where the first notes of the song of ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ (My favorite song) began, how many times had that song been opened !! !!! To give readers an idea of ​​this article, for me, it strikes me more to pass by this organ than to visualize any jewel of the British crown guarded in the Tower of London. Almost 36 years hearing that song and I will NEVER get tired of listening to it, it has something magical.

Mellotron where the first notes of Strawberry Field Forever begin

We continue touring the halls and we almost come to the end of the Beatle stage, sounding through the ‘Come Together’ headphones and a replica of the famous Abbey Road zebra crossing.

We know that we are nearing the end of the visit when we see Ringo Starr’s battery (very well guarded) from when they played on the roof of the Savile Row building that would mark the group’s goodbye forever, with that rhythm that marks the good of Ringo in the song of ‘Get Back’.

Ringo Star drum kit used at the rooftop concert

John Lennon’s personal piano

The Beatles costumes used for the album Sgt. Peppers

We walk a few centimeters from Lennon’s piano where his famous ‘Imagine’ would be marked and on the other side of the room his glasses.

John Lennon’s Imagine Song Piano

John Lennon glasses

We are fired from the museum with which it is supposed to be the group’s masterpiece, ‘Let It Be’…

One leaves that place with a bittersweet feeling, thinking that it would have happened in a group of that caliber if instead of separating in 1970 they had followed until today … such as The Rolling Stones …

A group that 50 years ago ceased to exist as such but that today are more alive than ever.

Liverpool is a city that lives for and for the Beatles.

It is lunchtime and we decide to eat in an Italian, and looking out the window of the restaurant I see that there is a statue dedicated to the song of ‘Eleanor Rigby’, a song that talks about loneliness, a very tragic lyrics in which It tells you what it would be like to die alone, unfortunately very topical these days for everything we are going through with the pandemic that haunts us.

Days before making this trip, from Spain, reserve tickets to visit the ‘Cavern Club’, four pounds per head to enter the famous bar that is in the heart of the city … The cavern as its name indicates, is a cave, but What a cave !!!!!, you go down some dark spiral stairs and you come across the bar, a bar crowded with people, you enter the joint and see framed photos of personalities from the world of British music who have been there , photos of Liam Gallagher, Freddy Mercury, Robbie Williams, Eric Burdon, Mick Jagger …….

Cavern Club Liverpool

John Lennon statue

Coincidences of life we ​​find a concert tribute to the Beatles, young people, older people, all dancing and jumping to the rhythm of ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, something that here in Spain would be incomprehensible to think.

Instruments prepared at the Cavern Club in Liverpool

We go inside the pub, with a few pints of beer in hand, while we dance we visualize everything we have around us, and it never ceases to amaze me with all the instruments that have been given to this pub by groups of the height of Queen, Oasis, Who , from the Rolling Stones themselves… .. a true past for a lover of this genre of Rock music…

Oasis Battery

Oasis Battery Saucer Signed

Rolling Stones guitars

The next day we woke up early to gain the pulse of the sun, since at noon the train left for London and we wanted to take advantage of the last hours in that city.

We said goodbye to the hotel where we were staying and with cafes of almost a liter in hand we walked a few blocks until we reached the bus station to head to the Woolton neighborhood, outside Liverpool. For any lover of that group it seems that we chose the perfect bus .. the tour took us through the streets of ‘Penny Lane’, bound for St. Peter’s Church which is where the grave of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ is. But our Destination was ‘Menlove Avenue’ and the stop of said urban bus was nothing more and nothing less than Lennon’s childhood home. A few meters from his house is the ‘Strawberry Field’ park where John himself played when he was a child.

John Lennon’s birthplace

Strawberry Field Park Entrance

Unfortunately we were slaves of time and we had to leave that city behind but a part of my heart will stay forever on the banks of the River Mersey with the background music of ‘The Long And Widding Road’.

Already in the spectacular British capital, (the GPS of my mobile wanted to make me one last gift) and that is that among the places that we had programmed to visit the city, I could not miss going to ‘Camden’ and what was my surprise as we walked from ‘Hyde Park’ we stumbled upon a crowded zebra crossing on either side of the sidewalks taking selfies as they passed by the patience of the drivers who were at the time .. At first I couldn’t believe I was on Abbey Road and that with the immensity of London the coincidences of fate will take me there, but yes … looking at one side of the street, I visualized the street name sign. ‘Abbey Road’… I was right in front of the most iconic landscape in the world of music, where the four greats of Liverpool walked in single file putting the anteroom of their album of the same name on the street…. Of course I passed the zebra crossing from left to right and for a moment move 50 years ago and feel like Lennon for a few seconds.

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing

Abbey Road Recording Studios

I would like to highlight the song of ‘Here Comes The Sun’, a song from 1969 and the one that we can extrapolate to the dark, bitter and historical times that we are living unfortunately and that is that the sun will always rise somewhere, we trust, help each other and over Let us all try to support each other… above any ideology, of any race we are human beings… .. Let us not make despair flood our lives.

‘Here comes the sun, it has been a lonely winter, long and cold, it seems that years have passed since he was here … the smiles are returning to the faces, I feel that the ice is slowly melting, here comes the sun !! !

Much encouragement and a lot of strength for everyone and above all that Rock’n’Roll is not missing !!!!!!!!!