With updates, developers take advantage of correcting errors in their apps as well as adding new features. Other times, they take the opportunity to give him a complete face lift, redesigning its operation and appearance. Fewer, like the one we are dealing with now, withdraw functions for no apparent reason.

This is the case of Live Weather, a weather app that has a free version and subscription that just removed the VoiceOver function. However, the Apalon developer behind the app indicates that they are aware of the failure and ensures that they are working on it.

Goodbye to VoiceOver with the latest update, although it will return in the future

Live weather is one of the most popular apps for forecasting. Its last update 6.15.0 last Friday April 10 was nothing more than a performance and stability correction. However, between these changes the compatibility with VoiceOver has been lost. An essential function for users with vision problems.

When contacting the developer Apalon, they apologize for the error and indicate that “we are aware of the problem and we are working on it.” They don’t give a date concrete for his return, so we hope it will be as soon as possible.

VoiceOver is a function integrated in iOS, iPadOS and macOS that allows to reproduce the interface of the system in voice. Thanks to this, a user with vision problems You can operate an Apple device through these prompts. In addition to covering the operating system, developers can also incorporate this feature into their apps.

Apple makes tools and APIs available to developers that allow this and other accessibility features to be integrated into their apps. VoiceOver screen reader It is one of the best known and useful, but we also have the description of audio and video subtitles, the reading of selected text and the customization of the screen, among others.

This type of technology has always made apple products a preferred option for those with vision problems, hearing or otherwise. But a part of great importance depends on its correct adaptation by the developers.

         Live time mistakenly deletes VoiceOver function, developer is already working on its lap