Live online: Villarreal-Atalanta – Where to watch the game today? Champions League 2022

70 ‘ Yellow for Yeremy Pino for a collision with the Atalanta defense.

68 ‘ Doubtful foul by Pedraza on Zappacosta in an aerial dispute, which causes La Cerámica to ignite due to a possible danger opportunity.

Champions League

Villarreal-Atalanta: Afloat ten years later (21:00)


66´ FORGIVE GERAAARRDDDDD! Pau put a ball over the top to uncheck the striker, who rushed his intentions and his shot went wide on the left of Musso’s goal.

64 ‘ Yellow for Gerard Moreno for a stomp on Freuler when he tried to get to the ball.

62 ‘ Atalanta, who also knows how to play with the ball against a very imprecise Villarreal, continues to lead the game.

59 ‘ Triple change in the ranks of Villarreal: Trigueros, Capoué and Dia leave, and Coquelin, Moi Gómez and Danjuma enter.

56 ‘ Knockdown of Palomino on Trigueros when the Villarreal midfielder tried to turn again.

54 ‘ Yellow for Capoué for an entrance down on Pessina.

52´ AAALLL LARGUEROOO ZAPATAAAA! Mlinovskiy’s tense center from the corner that Zapata finishes off the crossbar. Villarreal is saved.

51´ Walk the center of Pino! The canary overflowed by band to his pair and put the center on the small area but did not find a finisher.

fifty Game script very similar to the one in the first half at the beginning of the second half. Villarreal suffers the arreón of Atalanta, which accumulates chances but does not specify in front of goal.

49´ Gosens failed to finish off a great center from Toloi, which surprised the Villarreal defense.

46´ PARADAAAA OF RULIIIII! Dangerous shot from Malinovskyi from the front, which the Argentinian clears for a corner with his stretch.

46´ New deep arrival of Zapaccosta and his center is cleared by Capoué away from the area.

46´ START THE SECOND PART! Ball for Atalanta.

45´ Break at La Cerámica! Tie to one between Villarreal and Atalanta after the first 45 minutes. A game with a frenetic pace where the Italians put the yellow team in many difficulties from the beginning, which knew how to recover after the early goal of Freuler.


44 ‘ Another against Atalanta after a corner in favor of Villarreal, which ends up becoming a corner for the Italians after Foyth’s clearance.

41´ SALVAAAA MUSSOOOOOO! Parejo’s lateral foul on Gerard Moreno’s head and the Spanish forward’s shot is deflected by Musso with a save.

39´ DMusso mirrors with his head the ball over Parejo over Yeremi Pino.

38´ GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL DELL VILLARREEAAAAAALLLLLL GOOOOOOOOLLL DE TRIGUEEEROOOOOOSSS! Gerard Moreno fell on the band, who filtered a ball over Pedraza and the rebound of his shot was taken advantage of by Trigueros in the small area to equalize the game.

36 ‘ Villarreal is going through their best minutes in the game, moving the ball from one side to the other and trying to generate dangerous chances on the rival goal.

34´ PARADOOOOON OF MUSSO ON GERARD MORENO! Exquisite control of the Spanish striker after a wonderful pass from Trigueros to plant him in front of the Argentine goalkeeper, who saved the tie with his feet and sent for a corner.

33 ‘ Pau Torres’s shot is deflected before the center thrown by Parejo.

32 ‘ Palomino clears Pedraza’s low center for a corner.

30 ‘ Pessina and Zappacosta centers walk through the Villarreal area from both sides.

27´ Save Albiol the arrival of Zappacosta! Very direct game of Atalanta that is making Villarreal suffer and in what way against it.

25 ‘ About to convert the second Zapata with everything against Rulli, but the Colombian forward was offside

24 ‘ Yellow for De Roon for an entry on Trigueros.

2. 3 Gerard Moreno and Boulaye Dia did not understand each other to break Atalanta’s defense and stand against Musso.

21´ HAD IT TRIGUEROOOOSSS! Gerard received in three quarters of the field, who put the ball to Trigueros in the front and he turned to finish and send the ball against Musso’s hands in Villarreal’s first shot on goal.

17 ‘ Pessina is wrong! He went out against Atalanta after the corner and the Italian player sent the ball up when Zapata appeared on the right.

16´ VILLARREAL DANGEROUS FIRST ARRIVAL! Capoué pass millimeter to the uncheck of Yeremi Pino, who reached the baseline and forced the corner when Gerard waited to finish.

13 ‘ Pedraza’s foul on Zappacosta when he tried to pressure.

11´ Villarreal suffers! New inaccuracy in defense of Unai Emery’s men, who became a corner for the Italian team.

10 ‘ Villarreal wants to recover after the goal through possession of the ball.

7´ PARADOOOON OF RULLIIIII! Gosens came out at speed again, who hit him from the front and Rulli appeared to avoid Atalanta’s second goal in just two minutes.

5´ GOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLL OF THE ATALANTAAAAAAAA! GOOOOOOOOLLLLL DE FREULEEERRRRRR! Malinovskyi drove on the right, Zapata’s back under the ball into the small area, and his back pass introduced it into the goal Freuler to overtake the Italian team.

3 Catch Rulli! Low center from the right of Zappacosta that the Villarreal goalkeeper anticipates.

2 Pressure very high from Villarreal, who is trying to recover quickly and build.

0´ ROLL THE BALL ON THE CERAMIC! Ball for Villarreal.

Players take to the field in a crowded La Cerámica stadium! The anthem of the Champions League sounds in Vilarreal 10 years later.

Players to dressing room! This is about to start.

!They heat up the 22 protagonists on the lawn!

Villarreal-Atalanta Champions League 2021/2022

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Confirmed eleven of the Atalanta!

Musso, Toloi, Palomino, Djimsiti, Zappacosta, De Roon, Freuler, Gosens, Pessina, Malinovskyi and Zapata

What happened to that Villarreal who played the Champions League for the last time? Three survivors.

Everything prepared in the expedition of the Atalanta for your visit to the Estadio de la Cerámica, awaiting its initial 11.

These are the 11 chosen by Unai Emery on Villarreal’s return to the Champions League 10 years later!

We have eleven confirmed from Villarreal!

Hello everyone and welcome to the live online of the Villarreal-Atalanta!

The match will be played on Tuesday, September 14, at 9:00 p.m., at the La Cerámica Stadium.

Where to watch and which channel does Villarreal-Atalanta televise?

The match can be seen by Movistar Champions League.

Villarreal’s celebration in the Europa League final against Manchester United

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Villarreal, current champions of the Europa League, returns to the top European competition wanting to show what they are capable of. In front they will have an Atalanta that has been showing for several years that they are a team to take into account.

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Champions League

Did you know? Only three survivors of the last Villarreal of Champions (21:00)


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