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90 ‘+ 4’ (0-0) | The added time is running out until the five minutes that the referee decreed without anyone being able to unbalance the scoreboard.

90 ‘+ 1’ (0-0) | Two injured at Porto. Tecatito and Wendell fell, both sides, with muscular problems at the same time.

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90 ‘(0-0) | Atlético responded with a powerful header from Giménez in another foul from the wing, but he did not find a goal.

88 ‘(0-0) | What an occasion Porto has forgiven! Sérgio’s center in a lateral foul that Mbemba almost finished off. The jump was fantastic, but the shot was missing.

84 ‘(0-0) | Last change in Porto. Díaz leaves and Pepê enters, recently signed from the Brazilian Grêmio.

82 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for Wendell for a very clear grab on Correa.

82 ‘(0-0) | GOAL CANCELED! After reviewing the action in the VAR, Ovidiu Hategan called Mehdi’s hand on the rebound when he fell to the ground. The initial 0-0 returns.

81 ‘(0-1) | Terrible mistake by Lodi on a back pass to Kondobia. Mehdi is the smartest and in the pressure he manages to finish, beating Oblak after a rebound. The play is being reviewed by the VAR.


76 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for Tecatito for loss of time. Porto seeks to extend each break as much as possible.

75 ‘(0-0) | Exhaust the changes Diego Simeone. Felipe, a former Porto player, retires and Herrera, also a former Dragões player, takes his place.

72 ‘(0-0) | Porto’s doctors enter to treat Otávio, who complains about the blow suffered by the rojiblanco central defender.

71 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for Felipe for a foul near the area to Otávio.

68 ‘(0-0) | Correa appeared! Shot from the right that Costa clears corner, preventing Griezmann from clinching.

67 ‘(0-0) | Express yellow for Vitinha for avoiding a foul by Atlético. Quite avoidable.

66 ‘(0-0) | Sérgio Conceiçao moves the bench. Withdraw Matheus and enter Vitinha, a more creative midfielder. Sérgio also joins the party in Martínez’s place.

63 ‘(0-0) | The game has completely thickened in this phase. Neither Atlético nor Porto find gaps to get closer to the goals.

56 ‘(0-0) | Triple change of Atlético. Correa enters for Koke. Lodi and Griezmann also join the party and Hermoso and João Félix leave.

54 ‘(0-0) | Pepe retires from the field of play and Marcano enters his place. It seems that the Porto center-back has problems.

52 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for Kondogbia. The Central African proestates, but released his arm in a jump with Mehdi.

51 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for João Félix for hitting Mehdi with his arm. The game is complicated for Atleti.

50 ‘(0-0) | TO THE PALO OTÁVIO! Fully poisoned center-kick from the Portuguese midfielder from the right wing that falls on Oblak’s right post. What a scare for Atlético!

49 ‘(0-0) | Kondogbia’s foul in the midfield to Mehdi. Porto comes out again very concentrated.

46 ‘(0-0) | The second part begins at the Metropolitano! Atlético sets the ball in motion.

22:07 | There is a change in the break at Porto. Zaidu leaves, cautioned and one of Porto’s weak points in defense, and Wendell enters.

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45 ‘+ 4’ (0-0) | Rest in Madrid! Atlético and Porto go to the changing rooms with the initial score after a very tough tactical battle.

45 ‘+ 1’ (0-0) | The doctors enter to treat Hermoso, also a victim of the harshness of the visiting team.

45 ‘(0-0) | João Félix offside by very few centimeters. The first half is consumed without clear scoring opportunities.

41 ‘(0-0) | The yellows continue to fall on the Porto side. Now it was Matheus who clearly dropped Koke, who is receiving much of the Portuguese intensity.

38 ‘(0-0) | Suárez plays it with a somewhat distant direct free kick that goes off course.

36 ‘(0-0) | The first change of the game arrives. Lemar leaves with physical discomfort for the Argentine to join.

35 ‘(0-0) | Diego Simeone does not see the situation clear and De Paul is already preparing to enter the center of the field.

31 ‘(0-0) | Felipe committed a foul in the jump on Pepe, who is hurting in the costal area. The assists enter before the Portuguese gestures of pain.

30 ‘(0-0) | Dangerous foul in favor of Atlético in the three-quarter zone. A set piece can get a good chance.

27 ‘(0-0) | Kondogbia’s sensational sweep to avoid Zaidu’s shot ultimately. How well the Central African measured the times.

26 ‘(0-0) | Good ball behind the back of Giménez’s centrals, although João Félix fell asleep and Tecatito recovered for Porto.

21 ‘(0-0) | Yellow for Zaidu. The winger stamped hard on Koke and the rojiblanco captain stayed on the pitch.

20 ‘(0-0) | The intensity of Porto is making Atlético very far from Costa’s goal. So far the approach of Sérgio Conceição has triumphed.

16 ‘(0-0) | The first yellow of the match arrives. Diaz time for a hard foul on Giménez, who hurts on the field of play.

15 ‘(0-0) | New strategy move for Porto. Otávio took a corner from Felipe and Grujic finished it off over Oblak’s goal.

11 ‘(0-0) | Martínez forces a corner for Porto. The mobility of the Spanish striker is causing complications behind the mattress.

7 ‘(0-0) | Porto responds with an approach from the right by Tecatito that ends with a bitten shot from Mehdi that goes away.

6 ‘(0-0) | Good opportunity for Atlético! Suárez wanted to put Costa to the test and there was a successful reaction from the young goalkeeper.

3 ‘(0-0) | Porto comes out wanting to put pressure on Atlético’s possessions. The initiative is carried out by the local team.

Zaidu Sanusi (Porto), João Félix (Atlético) and Képler Laveran ‘Pepe’

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1 ‘(0-0) | Starts the match! Porto sets the ball in motion.

20:57 Players jump onto the pitch! Big night in Madrid, Champions night at the Metropolitano.

20:51 The line-ups are currently being announced. The rojiblanca fans are delivered and the game has not yet started.

20:31 The players of both teams warm up on the Metropolitan pitch. The fans begin to occupy the stands.

20:20 There are surprises in several eleven. At Atlético, the entry of João Félix in place of Griezmann was not expected, while at Porto the position of Tecatito as a right-back is totally unexpected.

20:04 Enjoy the preview of the game in which the Metropolitan fans will meet again with the Champions League.

Preview 60 ” Atlético-Oporto: Griezmann’s return to the Metropolitano (21:00)

20:02 For his part, Sérgio Conceiçao bets on a Porto with Costa; Tecatito, Mbemba, Pepe, Zaidu; Uribe, Grujic, Otávio; Martínez, Mehdi and Taremi.

20:00 This is Atlético’s eleven: Oblak; Llorente, Felipe, Giménez, Hermoso; Carrasco, Kondogbia, Koke, Lemar; Suárez and João Félix.

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Atlético de Madrid in the Champions League

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Despite being the top seed as the current LaLiga champion, Atlético Madrid was one of the five Spanish teams that will play in the Champions League this year that monopolized the largest number of substantial rivals. In his group, B, Diego Pablo Simeone’s team that led the rojiblanco team not long ago to two finals of the competition, will have to bid for one of the first two places that give access to the eighth with three former tournament champions: the Liverpool, Porto and Milan.

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