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When it comes to knowing how to educate children, our recommendations are essential.

Whether you have been mother or father, as if you undo with the smallest and smallest, we want to bring you closer one of the most beautiful stages of life. The television series and documentaries, in this case we will focus on the titles available in Netflix, have come to approach motherhood and fatherhood from different points of view and that is why we want to recommend series related to babies and young children, because we are convinced that they will be useful in the future.

Babies is one of the great series about motherhood on Netflix.

By the way, if you are looking for, in addition to series and content related to motherhood, some documentaries that address the problems that humans may encounter throughout their existence, we recommend that you take a look at our list of recommendations for nature and animal series, also available on Netflix.

From childbirth to education, through our list of series about motherhood

Whether you want to meet in the fiction as educate your children, in the funny Forced Mothers, as if you want to know the mysteries surrounding the birth of babies, in the indisputable Babies, Netflix has the Serie perfect for fathers and mothers First timers and those who want to brighten their days with little smiles.

Forced mothersBabiesThe beginning of lifeMother there are only twoWorking mothersThe LetdownJane The VirginThe rebirth of childbirth

Forced mothers

Who have known the the 90’s we have in mind the table tops with the television on and some North American series willing to entertain us, like Forced Parents, which told the story of three men taking care of a group of rather naughty girls. Those little protagonists have already grown up and have taken the lead, in a series that respects characters and settings of the time, to give way to a generation of women that they will look for a way Make your dreams come true, despite the fact that their children do not make things easy for them. The simple arguments, the addition of a light humor and the american touch make this comedy great for having fun with little hooligans.

Year: 2016 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 75 Approximate duration: 25 minutes


If one should be highlighted TV series on Netflix, especially in the genre documentary film, which is usually the one that best explains certain recurring themes in society, I think Babies it is the best possible starting point. Since we are born until the first year of life, our life and our body undergo such a series of changes that it was necessary to document them in an extensive number of chapters and thus discover from the first movements of the little ones, how they develop their senses, through what are the impulses that lead them to say their first words.

Year: 2020Seasons: 2Episodes available: 12Approximate duration: 50 minutes

The beginning of life

We uncheck ourselves a bit from the series and show you one Documentary film, available in Netflix, which will analyze how treatment and early care of boys and girls result fundamental so that the little ones can develop and grow in our society. From the hand of activists, mothers and fathers and scientists, the documentary will try bring some light yet theme that wakes up the interest, especially, of new mothers and fathers.

Year: 2016 Genre: documentary Approximate duration: 96 minutes

Mother there are only two

The genre of comedy is often associated with pregnancies, babies and miscellaneous problems. This time, we will have to travel to Mexico, country that offers us this funny comedy, where a couple of women they will see how their children They are exchanged, which will lead to complicated situations, although really funny. Husbands, work, couples therapy and some secrets that have not been revealed, they will be the perfect cocktail for the occasion.

Year: 2021 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 9 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

Working mothers

We already mentioned that the genre of comedy is perfectly associated with maternity and this Serie, available on Netflix, is one of its best exponents. Arrival from the cold Canada, this production invites us to reflect, besides laughing a lot, about how combine work, children and love life It can be a daunting task, even if it is something that most people do with relative ease. Depressions postpartum, new work situations and know the concerns of your children will be some of the situations they have to deal with four mothers in Toronto.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 57 Approximate duration: 20 minutes

The Letdown

The world of babies, the mothers of his friends and therapy groups they are not the ideal way to enjoy a quiet life. If you think you’ve seen it all in comedy where the maternity has its share of prominence, I suggest you catch up with the adventures and misadventures of this very particular woman. Audrey, the protagonist’s name, joins a group formed by new parents, discovering that their problems, maybe, they have only just begun.

Year: 2017 Seasons: 2 Episodes available: 13 Approximate duration: 30 minutes

Jane the virgin

This is another one of those T.V. series that although you have never seen one of its episodes, you will know heard and that goes into the perfect list for those looking for their dose of maternity, although this time it is not wanted. On this occasion, the series presents the life of Jane Villanueva, amusingly played by Gina rodriguez, a very religious Latina woman who gets pregnant from a wrong artificial insemination. From then on, his life will take a turn and the comic situations they will not leave any spectator indifferent.

Year: 2014 Seasons: 5 Episodes available: 100 Approximate duration: 40 minutes

The rebirth of childbirth

Although we are not talking about a television series, rather a documentary film series, available in Netflix, we have deemed it necessary to include this set of works in the last of our recommendations. We will fully enter the reality of mothers and health professionals in Brazil and we will know your experiences with controversial cesarean delivery practices that take place in the South American country. We will know what options have the brazilian women at the time of choose the type of delivery and we will also have the opportunity to know the midwives opinions of a maternity clinic in Sao Paulo.

Year: 2013 Seasons: 1 Episodes available: 3 Approximate duration: 90 minutes

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