This Wednesday the Federal Government announces the number of supports it has granted to employers and domestic workers due to the COVID-19 pandemic

This Wednesday the Ministry of Economy In conjunction with the Mexican Social Security Institute, they disclose progress in granting Credits to the Word.

The Csolidarity revenues and those of Wellbeing Census They are part of the support measures implemented by the Federal Government for the COVID-19 health emergency.

The number of supports in this type of credit is expected to be one million, each for an amount of 25 thousand pesos and payable over three years with an interest that will depend on the number of workers per company.

Credits to the word through the Census of Well-being

The Secretary of Economy, Graciela Marquez, indicated that, during this week, few resources have been dispersed in this type of credits because it is the most complicated week of the pandemic of the COVID-19.

He reported that, so far, resources have been dispersed to 337 thousand 389 beneficiaries.


The official explained that this type of credit was granted to entrepreneurs who previously registered in the Wellbeing Census.

He explained that the metropolitan areas they have a greater number of credits because they are where the greatest concentration of those enrolled in the Census of Well-being is.

He again called on me to ignore non-official information and, with this, avoid fraud in the dispersion of these resources.


Alberto Ortiz, General Director of the Fonacot, announced the progress in the Fonacot relief plan and credits.


Relief Fonacot, he explained, will allow beneficiaries who cannot meet their April and May payments to do so at the end of the life of their credit.

He also reported that with the program Support credit ten thousand, will allow you to take credits, similar to “a la palabra”, in which the interest rate is low and will have three months grace to start your payment.


Dispersion of resources

According to the Federal Treasury, resources of 183,357 loans have been dispersed so far.



One of the tools made available to the population is the CoDi, a platform in which payment and collection transactions are facilitated through electronic transfers.


Through CoDi you can make payments from a few cents up to eight thousand pesos.


With information from López-Dóriga Digital