‘Little Monsters’ is a zombie comedy. A recurring subgenre now targeted by Lupita Nyong’o. And a comedy with little or no horror in which zombies, possibly the worst that have ever been seen in a zombie movie in which someone more or less famous, are its main problem.

Bad we go if in one of zombies what fail are the zombies. Also, in ‘Little Monsters’ blood is missing, and bad slime is missing. Lack of suspense, uncertainty, and lack of courage. It remains to exploit a premise that ends up reduced to that, to a premise adorned by the -that’s, we must admit- charismatic presence of Lupita Nyong’o.

A premise turned, like that of 2006’s ‘Killer Sheep’, into a mere excuse for a (potentially) cool poster. In a premise reduced to relapse into the three jokes that support it, and what has been said, weakened by some zombies that break any suspension of disbelief. With or without children involved.

Far are the achievements of the everlasting ‘Shaun of the Dead’, which of course went far beyond his appearance. As we already saw, for example, in 2014 with ‘Sweet creatures’, another film that mixed names, zombies and children in a very trivial way. As if it were a folding camping table (one of the cheap ones).

By Juan Pairet Iglesias