Listen to ‘Encore,’ GOT7’s First Release Since Leaving JYP Entertainment

GOT7 has released a new single called ‘Encore’, their first release since leaving JYP Entertainment earlier this year.

The seven-member boy band decided not to renew their contract with the agency when it expired in January.

GOT7 released « Encore » today (February 20) through Warner Music Korea. The song is accompanied by a music video that shows the group hanging out in the studio and behind-the-scenes footage of the recording. Pictures of the band’s old concerts are shown below.

« We’ll sing for you / Even if the world ends, » they sing in the song, which was co-written by member Jinyoung. « Even after a long time has passed / Will you be here with me? »

During the video, which you can see above, GOT7 addressed the camera. « More than anything, we wanted to express our feelings like this, through this song, » Yugyeom said.

« We made a promise to our fans, so we’re here to keep it, » said Jay B, before Youngjae added later, « As we will always continue to sing the encore for you, let’s always be together, everyone. »

The video was produced by GOT7 member Mark Tuan and was posted on the group’s new YouTube channel, which you can find here.

Since leaving JYPE last month, the GOT7 members have embarked on new deals and projects. Yugyeom has signed with Jay Park’s AOMG label, while Jinyoung is set to star in the new tvN drama Devil Judge. Mark released his solo single « One In A Million » last week and recently returned to his hometown of Los Angeles.

For their part, Jackson and his own label Team Wang have partnered with Sublime Artist Agency. Youngjae has also signed with Sublime.