The digital format has a large legion of followers at present, that is something that we are not going to deny, since these users value the comfort of playing almost instantly the newly acquired titles and that of being able to change the game almost without effort, above the collecting that many of those who are currently followers of the physical format value. However, this time it is not the time to value one format over another, but to find out which titles in digital format are the most successful in Europe, since the Big N has shared a list with the five most downloaded titles of the eShop of this territory. First place doesn’t surprise us at all!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons occupies the first position in the list of the 15 most downloaded titles in the eShop of the European territory

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsPikunikuPokémon Mysterious World: Rescue Squad DXRocket LeagueMinecraftThief SimulatorMario Kart 8 DeluxeOld Man’s JourneyCities: SkylinesDoom 64Overcooked 2Stardew ValleyBlazing BeaksSuper Mario PartyFinal Fantasy VII

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As we can see, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the most downloaded title in the European eShop, followed by Pikuniku, a title that was on sale relatively recently and that players could buy for just over a euro, which would explain why there were reached this second position. In addition, in the list we can also see some other titles that usually stay in these positions, such as Minecraft, Rocket League or even Stardew Valley. And you, have you acquired any game through this official digital store of the Big N in recent days or are you one of those who go to death with the physical format and do not accept a single game in digital format?