Lissely Ancira: Welcome 2021

Lissely anciraLissely Ancira Source: Courtesy

We start the year 2021 with very worn world economies thanks to the pandemic effect. In Mexico In particular, we already have the first doses of vaccines that have been being distributed in only some parts of the Republic, starting with doctors and vulnerable sectors. We know that, with the implementation of the vaccine, economic reactivation is imminent at least in some sectors that were severely affected by its closure, such as shopping centers and restaurants.

He hotel sector was one of the most affected, although the sentiment of our investors is a gradual recovery in tourism, the effects of the pandemic caused red numbers in much of the hospitality in Mexico.

We see 2021 with interesting initiatives in the infrastructure sector, which even though it was affected, we expect a rebound with some economic spillover from the public and private projects throughout the country. The real estate have always been and continue to be -even with conservative returns- low-risk equity assets in investment, the important thing is to know where to place these equity investments, thinking that the key to the real estate sector It is known as the three “U”: location, location, location. Looking for places where there is high capital gain, where the rents are long-term and with good rates.

This year we will also see important effects in the health sector. Still with many lags to serve Mexicans, the Health sector It will remain essential throughout 2021 as the virus and other diseases will continue to affect the population.

Another important sector that will continue to boom this year and that was the one sector that closed 2020 with positive numbers was agricultural. We see that the agriculture, livestock and fishing trade continues to be extremely important in our country since food consumption is essential with or without economic recession.

We believe that 2021 will be the year in which the economic recovery of the damage caused by the pandemic last year begins. Always with great hope, we Mexicans start the year where we must join forces to support each other and boost our local economies, thus helping our neighbors, family and society.

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