Lissely Ancira: The Green World

Lissely anciraLissely Ancira Source: Courtesy

World powers have sustainability in mind by lower emissions through initiatives against climate change. The United Kingdom It just announced that the sale of new cars that run only on fossil fuels will be banned in 2030.

The UK will be the first country of the G7 to implement this initiative, which will be carried out by injecting capital into the electric charging stations, as well as government subsidies to make these vehicles more economical for society.

Other UK green initiatives include increasing the number of wind energy production and promoting the use of hydrogen. The UK is one of the world leaders studying and developing technologies to capture and store polluting emissions.

Another first world power that will take an important role in the green industrial revolution it is the United States that by defining Joe Biden as president-elect would take important steps against the climate crisis. Joe Biden has mentioned numerous times the importance of combating global warming and implementation of renewable energy in this country. In the second presidential debate, Biden commented that he would seek the transition to an economy free from the industry of fossil fuels.

Another important country in renewable energy production is Norway, where it has the highest number of electric vehicles per capita in the world. In addition to consuming locally its production of clean electricity generation.

In Mexico, a complementary law to the energy reform called energy transition law which was designed to regulate the use of clean energies and the reductionpollution ion when generating electricity. This law would oblige Mexican industries to use at least 35% of clean energy by 2024. To date, according to data from the National Energy Center (CENACE), the generation of renewable energy in our country is 24% . 2020 is almost over and due to the decline in private investment due to the cancellation of the execution of new auctions, as well as the issuance of permits for the Energy regulatory commission (CRE) in Mexico, analysts consider that the goal of 35% by 2024 will hardly be met.

The world is oriented towards the impulse of use of clean energy. All interested countries do so with the intention of reducing greenhouse gases thus avoiding the global warming. Mexico should retake the importance of these initiatives and be part of the green industrial revolution to position itself as a leader in Latin America. we hope that the transformation seen in the UK and soon in the US will have an influence on Mexico to take seriously the importance of sustainable electricity generation.

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