‘Lisey’s Story’, the fiction of Stephen King and J.J. Abrams, premieres on Apple TV + in summer 2021

‘Lisey’s Story’ will hit the small screen sooner than expected. The horror series led by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams will see the light in summer 2021, specifically, on Apple TV +. As if that were not enough, the streaming platform published the first image of the project, a small appetizer of what awaits fans of both the novelist and the science fiction director.

Julianne Moore in ‘Lisey’s Story’

The work in which King and Abrams have joined forces is an adaptation of the homonymous work made by the writer himself. It tells the story of Lisey Landon, a widow of a famous novelist who passed away two years ago. One day to another, the woman experiences strange paranormal phenomena that make her relive chapters of her past repressed and forgotten.

In addition to having two big names in the film industry, the Apple TV + project stars Julianne Moore, who is in charge of giving life to Lisey Landon. Along with them will also be other recognized Hollywood figures such as Clive Owen, Joan Allen or Dane DeHaan, among others. In the image shared by the streaming platform, Moore can be seen from behind looking at a lighthouse in a dark forest.

Upcoming projects of J.J. Abrams

It is not the only project by the famous director of « Star Wars: The Force Awakens. » Abrams has been commissioned by some other series from the offices of HBO Max. The filmmaker is developing an original fiction that is written, produced and directed by himself called ‘Subject to Change’. As if that were not enough, he is also involved in a series of « Constantine ».