Lisbon takes a step back and will have new restrictions from the next midnight after the rebound in covid cases and due to an increase in illegal parties for hundreds of young people in the Portuguese capital and several municipalities in its metropolitan belt.

The Portuguese Government announced today new restrictions for the region of Lisboto and the Tagus Valley, that concentrate at least two thirds of new daily infections in Portugal, especially in cities such as Lisbon, Sintra, Odivelas, Amadora and Loures, with 1.4 million inhabitants.

In the aforementioned towns, a ban on holding meetings of more than 10 people will be imposed as of the next midnight, and businesses must close at 20:00, except restaurants, which may offer dinners. The sale of beverages in service areas is also suspended to avoid bottles on public roads and greater control of security measures in shopping centers will be required.

The Government will also carry out a strengthening of the police surveillance to ensure compliance with these guidelines and to avoid makeshift parties that have multiplied over the past weekend.

“It has a brutal cost to social security and an immense danger to public security,” Prime Minister António Costa has said of these massive gatherings, which may fuel an outbreak that endangers “everyone’s freedom, employment of all and the income of all ».

The other major focus of concern for the Portuguese health authorities is that of the outbreaks that are being reported in the Portuguese nursing homes.

At the Reguengos de Monsaraz residence (Alentejo), with 56 positives, a center in Odivelas, near Lisbon, was added today, with another 87 infections.

Spokesmen for the Sanctuary of Fatima, where 16 employees and collaborators have tested positive, have been quick to ensure that the sick have not been in contact with the parishioners who have come to the site in recent weeks.

Portugal, which had a good start in controlling the pandemic, has 1,534 deaths and 39,400 infections by Covid-19