Lisandro López, current footballer from Boca, took advantage of the quarantine to answer questions from the fans on the club’s official website and revealed an incredible anecdote that he lived with Daniele De Rossi.

“When we have to play against Paranaense last semester, in the preseason I was injured. I missed the second round. On the lap at the Bombonera, it was the first game that Daniele went to the court. We both went to the box together. We were walking and when we went out to the street to enter the box, people were heard as if they were in the stands. We go out there, Daniele stops, and she says: ‘Dude, I’m five minutes here, and red.’ We started laughing and I gave him a hug. I have the best memories of Daniele, “said the defender.

For his part, López told how he is recovering from the injury in full quarantine: “One of the positive things about this quarantine was that I was able to recover from the injury. Although I needed eight weeks to recover, in my case it took a little longer. because I was still in pain and it took 12 weeks. Then I was able to recover well. I miss training, I miss playing. “

For his part, Lichi told who are the players who have the hardest time scoring in practice and told how the Boca World is lived in Europe: “If I have a heads-up with Bebelo Reynoso or Toto Salvio, I have a difficult time

In Europe there is a lot of talk about Boca. In my time at Benfica, who had Nico Gaitán as a partner, many players asked him about Boca. They saw and come to Boca. In Europe the size of Boca is known, that is why many want to come and play and get to know La Bombonera “, he closed.