Lis Vega just covered her bust with the head of a teddy bear and also boasted some heart-stopping cacheteros

With some pink and sensual cacheteros, the Cuban vedette Lis Vega posted a photo on his account Instagram that little left to the imagination. It turns out that the colors in the image were pink tones, which could be taken as ‘innocent and romantic’. However, the dancer raised the temperature of the social network in record time, as she appeared ‘topless’ and covering her breasts just with the head of a teddy bear. She also wore ‘schoolgirl’ knee-length stockings, a detail that knocked down the jaw of several.

With two little bows and heart balloons, Lis He invited his followers to buy his new project while sending a powerful message. “DON’T BE AFRAID TO START AGAIN, YOU MAY LIKE THE NEW STORIES IN YOUR LIFE MORE #LAPOETADELOURBANO. Here is the photo of my month of OCTOBER, THE MONTH WHERE I CELEBRATE MY LIFE. When you buy my # Calendar2021 #VIBRANDOENPLATA you get a special greeting ”.

Despite the curves of the model Playboy They can dazzle anyone, the actress also always writes some motivating messages, which are taken by men and women alike and that have made be considered one of the most loved women in the Hispanic entertainment industry. So it can be said that Lis Vega It is a mixture of intelligence, humility, a good heart and of course, a lot of sensuality.

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