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The Linux Foundation has announced that it will host Pyrrha, created by Prometheus Platform, in collaboration with IBM, to help accelerate the development and deployment of fire safety technology around the world. In 2019, the Spanish team Prometheus was the winner of the Call for Code Global ChallengeAnd since then, its technology has continued to develop with improved hardware and software through work with the IBM Service Corps and other ecosystem partners.

Through the open source project Pyrrha, Prometheus, the Linux Foundation and IBM aim to accelerate innovation around the monitoring the health and safety of firefighters. By partnering with leading companies in the Call for Code ecosystem such as Samsung, the goal is to customize and scale the solution around the world in an effort to help save lives.

“Samsung and IBM have collaborated for many years to create industry-leading technologies that solve difficult social and business problems. We are now excited to work together to advance technology in this direction and help combat the effects of climate change,” he said. the Executive Vice President of Samsung B2B Mobile, KC Choi. “As a big supporter of open source technology, we see Call for Code as a unique opportunity to deploy real world solutions based on open source technologies. We are excited to equip award winning teams like Prometheus with resources to strengthen their solution, as it is being actively tested, deployed and now available in open source. We also look forward to increasing our own participation in Call for Code. “

The solution Prometheus It was created by a nurse, a firefighter and developers as a system that uses Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things to ensure the safety of firefighters. In the last two years, thanks to collaboration with partners in the Call for Code ecosystem, Prometeo has improved its technology in offline use, through integration with mobile phones and watches to provide bidirectional alerts, and in capturing the averages of exposure to toxins over time.

Through the field tests carried out in Spain in early 2020 and 2021, technology has incorporated firefighter feedback and accumulated anonymous technical data to improve the solution from start to finish.

“Pyrrha is another example of the power of open source to accelerate technological innovation that can save lives,” he said. Mike Dolan, Senior Vice President and General Director of Projects, Linux Foundation. “We are delighted to support and embrace the development of Pyrrha and the community that is building and using it.”

Linux will host the Spanish project Pyrrha, from the Prometeo Platform.

“On behalf of the Prometheus team, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to our many partners who have contributed to improving this solution and helping to protect firefighters,” he noted. Salomé Valero, co-founder of Prometeo. “We set out to create a technology that would provide firefighters with personalized monitoring of their exposure to toxic substances. Thanks to the contributions of our partners and the open source community, that dream is being realized through the open source project. Pyrrha “.

In addition to the Linux Foundation, IBM and Samsung, the Prometheus ecosystem partners in the Pyrrha community are made up of a variety of leading technology companies and institutions:

Arrow Electronics has helped improve Prometeo’s IoT devices.GRAF / Bombers de la Generalitat de Catalunya opened the door to multiple rounds of field tests with Prometheus technology during controlled burns in Spain. The Pau Costa Foundation is helping to connect Prometheus with a global community of firefighters and exploring opportunities for new field trials. Peli has brought his experience in creating firefighting teams to help improve Prometheus hardware. The Autonomous University of Barcelona has facilitated their access to the laboratory and their technical expertise to help calibrate the devices.

The Pyrrha project community encourages new users to contribute and deploy the software in new environments around the world. Short-term upgrade priorities include adapting hardware for use in new locations, improving analysis of toxin exposure over time, and advancing mobile and smartphone capabilities.

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