The Oscar Awards gala featured an interpretation of Into the Unkown (Much Beyond) from the movie Frozen 2 in several languages ​​as an international tribute to the different dubbing versions that became the talk of the night in Spain.

The moment of controversy came when the Spanish Gisela sang in “Castilian” and the Mexican Carmen Sarahí sang the same in “Spanish”, according to the labels of the organization that thus differentiated the same language.

The differentiation in the cataloging of the same language was not well understood by many of the viewers who recorded it on social networks.

However, there were also those who remembered that the use of one or the other term interchangeably is correct and that precisely in the versions of film dubbing it is usually differentiated between the ‘Spanish of Spain’ or ‘Castilian’ and the ‘Spanish of Latin America’.

Although the Constitution establishes that “Castilian is the official Spanish language of the State”, the Royal Academy of Language (RAE) defines both terms as synonyms and allows their use interchangeably:


“Romance language spoken in Spain, much of America, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and other places in the world”.


“Spanish language, especially when you want to distinguish yourself from some other Spanish vernacular.”

Linguistic debate aside, the song ‘Into the Unkown’ was nominated in the category for best song although finally the statuette was taken (I’m Gonna) Love Me Again by Rocketman.