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LineoXY Vantage Towers They have signed a framework agreement for the provision of services. It establishes the general terms and conditions in which Vantage Towers will provide its services, consisting of the transfer of certain spaces in its telecommunications infrastructures to LineoX.

Specifically, the agreement makes available to the wholesale provider that provides connectivity services to the main telecommunications operators and large companies in Spain, the co-locations at the approximately 9,000 sites of the tower company distributed throughout the Spanish geography. This agreement will allow you to offer service to your portfolio of existing and future clients. In fact, this alliance includes the co-location of the radio links that it had already installed in the Vantage Towers infrastructures.

LineoX extends its agreement with Vantage Towers.

Remember that LineoX, a company belonging to Asterion Industrial Partners, a European investment fund focused on the infrastructure sector, is owner of a network of more than 10,000 radio links in Spain. Radio links are equipment that allows a large amount of data to be transmitted remotely by radio waves, without the need for physical lines. They are an alternative to fixed connections, especially fiber optic ones. For this reason, they are used massively to connect mobile phone radio sites with the backbone network, although they are also used by companies that need data connectivity in places where it is not possible to deploy fiber.

Agreement details

This agreement, of eight years of extension, renewable for another eight years, will allow Vantage Towers provide certain services to LineoX, which will be specified in a transfer of space in its telecommunications infrastructures and a provision of associated services in relation to said infrastructures. All this, in order for LineoX to install, maintain, conserve, repair and renew its electronic communications equipment and elements associated with said equipment in said locations for the provision of its own services to third parties.

In order to Ana Díaz Cayetano, commercial director of Vantage Towers in Western Europe “This agreement allows us to continue growing in long-distance clients such as LineoX and to extend our telecommunications infrastructures and services that we have already been offering to operators. As an independent provider of telecommunications infrastructures, Vantage Towers offers operators a network of more than 8,700 telecommunications towers in Spain with which to maximize their connectivity and reach all corners of our country ”, he says.

In the words of Javier Dorado, CEO of LineoX, “Our main focus is to supply, in a wholesale model, connectivity to the base stations of the main mobile operators in the country, backhaul for FTTH operators in rural areas and point-to-point Ethernet connectivity to large companies. The framework agreement for the provision of services signed with Vantage Towers allows us to extend the coverage of the services we offer to our clients ”, he concludes.

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