Limoges relapses, Toulouse smiles again

Crushed in Paris during his last trip, Limoges suffered its third defeat of the season, Friday in Toulouse (32-28) on behalf of the 9th day of Starligue. The Fenix, who remained on a defeat in Limoges, he raised his head at home against Créteil.

The drop (42-20) received on October 31 at the untouchable Parisian leader (8 games, 8 wins) left more tenacious traces than one might think on the side of Limoges. Last week’s victory at home against Toulouse (30-26) for the return of the Limougeauds on the ground after this slap in the capital could suggest that the pill was swallowed. Unfortunately for the promoted, he demonstrated on Friday during his first trip from Paris that he was still not healed. Knocked out in the first half by Dunkirk (19-11 at the break for the Northerners) and Kornel Nagy (8 goals), Friday evening in one of the two advanced matches of the 9th day, Dragan Gajic, still very visible (9 goals), and his family suffered their third defeat of the season (32-28), after the one against PSG and the one recorded from the start in Nîmes. Worn by Gajic but also by his other scorer Micke Brasseleur, also scorer of 9 goals against Dunkirk, the astonishing second in the standings tried to react to the return of the locker room. He did not go very far from making a success of his attempt to recover – Dunkirk only led 29-27 three minutes from the end – but finally lost four goals, the fault in particular of the 13 saves of Samir Bellahcene in the goal of the USDK.

The Fenix ​​is ​​reborn

After this fourth victory, Dunkirk joined Nantes in third place, two lengths behind Limoges. You have to go lower in the ranking (8th) to put your finger on Toulouse. However, for this Fenix ​​beaten in limougeaude during his last outing in the league and who also had two defeats in the European League, the objective was above all to stop the bleeding, with the arrival of Créteil. Mission accomplished for the Toulousains, winners 30-29, even if they were still very scared at the end of the match when he had a rather comfortable mattress at the break (15-12). Authors both of 8 goals, Edouard Kempf and Henrik Jacobsen have a lot in this victory which allowed Fenix ​​to smile again.

Friday 20 November 2020
Dunkirk – Limoges: 32-28
Toulouse – Créteil: 30-29

Saturday 21 November 2020
3.30 p.m .: Tremblay – Montpellier
5:00 p.m .: Istres – Chambéry
5:00 p.m .: PSG – Chartres
6:00 p.m .: Ivry – Nîmes

Sunday 22 November 2020
5.30 p.m .: Cesson-Rennes – Aix

Saint-Raphaël – Nantes