Limited Run Games has put date and time for your next conference annual where they will present their news and upcoming releases in physical format, which initially was to be held in the framework of the canceled E2 2020, but which will now take place on a specific day of next July.

The company will present a new wave of titles that will see the light in physical format.

According to the message they have left on Twitter, in this event they handle interesting titles to present for their launch in physical format, so all those who are collectors of the material and look for exclusive editions you should not miss the conference at 9:00 PM (UK time, 3:00 PM ET) July 8. We can follow through on Twitch channel from Limited Run Games itself.

Users of Nintendo Switch and who are eager to enlarge their bookshelf with more Nintendo console video games should be vigilant, because while Limited Run Games has not given any specific clue as to which presentations they are going to make.It should not be forgotten that last year physical editions of renowned titles such as Rogue Legacy, Freedom Planet, Blaster Master Zero, among many others, or more recently, were presented with Street of Rage 4.

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In just a few weeks we must have our wallets ready, since although Limited Run Games mainly operates in the North American market, there are more and more European users who decide to import and cannot resist to the exclusive editions that this firm presents. Recovering both classic video games and indies that they had stayed in digital stores and had never seen the light in physical format.

In fact, on some other occasion they presented completely new video games for the machine, as was the case with the port of realMyst. What will they surprise us with this year and what are your bets? What title would you like to see in physical format for Nintendo Switch?