Lily James and Sebastian Stan recreate the wedding of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Lily James and Sebastian Stan were caught filming the iconic moment when the Motley Crue rock star and Baywatch sex symbol got married after meeting just 96 hours earlier.

In these scenes, Sebastian and Lily film a few different takes of their enthusiastic entrance, dramatizing a different scenario around the controversial marriage, filming it in a church.

In real life, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee were married on the beach in Cancun, in front of just eight guests, on February 19, 1995.

In one scene the couple could be seen running excitedly towards the church and in another Sebastian carrying Lily in his arms to enter the temple.

Lily wore a tight little red PVC dress, which is seen adjusting between takes.

The Hulu mini-series ‘Pam & Tommy’ will premiere in 2022 and will consist of 8 episodes.

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