Lily James and Sebastian Stan become Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee

Lily James and Sebastian Stan have been transformed into Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for the new series that they star together.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan have left their own identity behind to become one of the most iconic couples of the 90s: that of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. She, a sex symbol who shone in Bayawatch and he, famous for being one of the members of Mötley Crüe.

Tommy and Pamela were married four days after meeting, but that untimely rush was not the best start to a stable relationship; that’s just part of what will be seen in the biopic “Pam & Tommy” whose filming has already started with James and Stan on set.

Just as Lily has a stunt double for some risque scenes where more skin needs to be shown, Sebastian Stan, who also plays the Winter Soldier in the Marvel universe, has covered his body with Tommy Lee’s signature tattoos.

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With everything and piercings, Sebastian Stan was moving on the set that will see him become a rock legend. In fact, the earrings that Stan shows on his chest led to a series of publications in which he is seen with Lily imitating a famous scene from Pamela and Tommy.

Although judging by the audience, the characterization of both is quite real to the original characters, who seems not to be entirely happy is Pamela Anderson herself.

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A source close to the model has said that she and her family are not interested in seeing the series and that it is only a kind of joke for them, since they do not even know the actors who will be in it (even when Seth Rogen is also in the cast).

Regardless of the comparisons or what is said about it, Lily James has been proud of her new role; And she has even shared a photograph of herself characterized by Pamela with a quote from Pam herself on her Instagram account.

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