Lily Collins brings back the 60’s to her series “Emily in Paris”

Lily Collins continues to record new episodes for the second season of “Emily in Paris” and now her hairstyle is also in style.

Although there was a lot of criticism towards the first season of the series “Emily in Paris” that airs on Netflix, Lily Collins has spent some months preparing the chapters of the second season that she produces and stars in.

While for some people the series was a great approach to fashion and Parisian life, just as “Sex and the city” did with New York City at the time, for the French it is a partial and biased view on behaviors of his compatriots. Still, it is undeniable that the series has its appeal and enough issues to become a title worthy of a marathon.

Flawless in every scene, Lily Collins wears seasonal clothing and accessories, befitting her role at a lavish luxury marketing agency with offices in Chicago and Paris. But on this occasion, he draws attention not only for what he wears, but for how he wears his hair, with a Bouffant hairstyle, so characteristic for being raised as a pompadour or toupee.

With a simple change of hairstyle, Collins has made the fashion that is currently situated in the 80s, look back in the direction of the distant past to reach the 60 and remember those stylized hairstyles and the colorful prints of the time. The series is expected to be ready to premiere in October, following the launch month of the first season. Meanwhile, Lily will also be stepping into the world of Polly Pocket, as she has been confirmed to star in the toy brand’s live-action movie.

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