Lilly Collins leaves her dog in charge to go out for a few days

Everything seems to indicate that Lily Collins will be away from home for a while, as she brought a dog bed and food with a puppy sitter.

Lily Collins and her fiancé Charlie McDowell have the joy of sharing a little dog named Redford who has been with them since December 2019.

Through her Instagram account, the actress presented it to her fans after receiving it from the Love Leo Rescue association.

Since then, Lily, Charlie and Redford have been inseparable, sharing laughs and heartwarming moments, and even recording sessions.

However, as much as Lily always does her best to take him with her everywhere, there are times when this is not entirely easy, so sometimes she has left her little one with someone she trust to attend to some earrings.

The young star went through food, either for her dog or to deliver it as a thank you to the place. Low profile, more beautiful as usual, she chose sunglasses to cover her expressive eyes and a barrette that held her hair to the side.

Regarding her outfit, she was comfortable with pants, loafers that she used with socks, a cotton blouse and a light gray cardigan; of course, protected with its respective mask and a YSL bag.

Whether Lily plans to take her beloved Redford to the caregiver soon, or she just made some charitable donation, she is clearly conscientious and responsible.