Lili Estefan wears an ultra-tight dress, hears ‘Bichota’ by Karol G and they call her ‘Old’ and even ‘Grandmother’

They criticize Lili Estefan for showing off dressed to the rhythm of Karol G.

Photo: John Parra. / Getty Images

One of the most beloved presenters of the Hispanic television, especially since its inception, is “The skinny girl” from “The fat and the skinny”, Lili estefan. She has never been the subject of great scandals until she had to divorce but, in general, she has always remained very calm, laughing a lot and above all inadvertently showing off the beauty that characterizes her. At 54 years old, she is still very thin, with legs that are the envy of many and also, showing that it is a fashion icon.

Wearing a very tight purple dress, which was short without falling into the vulgar and some very original heels, “The skinny girl” from Univision He showed off all his physical gifts to the rhythm of the success of the moment “Bichota” of the Colombian singer Karol G. Quite the contrary to what most might think, The Cuban received quite strong criticism for her age and the look she decided to wear.

“Lili is old now, there is nothing like youth”, “You are old for those videos”, “You are no longer 15 behave like the woman you are”, “But my God and there is no limit”, ” Lady so old that you are for that “ and “Ah well… now you understand why the husband left her! If listening to this kind of music garbage and acting like that girl, there are no more explanations to look for ”, were some of the signals that the driver received.

Despite these comments, loyal fans of Lili They complimented her on the outfit, keeping her ‘so elegant’ and even assured that ‘She looks like her daughter Lina’s sister’ or ‘That she is better than before’. There is no doubt that the work colleague of Raul de Molina raised a lot of dust in Instagram and ratified why it is still one of the women most talked about within the Hispanic entertainment.

Here we leave the video for you to draw your own conclusions.

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