Lili Estefan wears a miniskirt and makes sexy movements but they say “Ridiculous old woman” and that she is “Old to dress as a quinceañera”

The skinny girl”Favorite of television and host of The fat and the skinny, Lili estefan, He returned to talk on social networks but not precisely for making a painful confession as happened in the past or for showing off some show of affection with his friend Alejandro Fernández, but for showing the legs in Instagram. Using a miniskirt, doing sexy moves and posing for the camera. What you did not imagine is that strong criticism would rain on him where They called her “Hasta Vieja ridiculous”, “What is a quinceañera” and that “I was no longer for those looks”, passing by “Behave like a lady of your age”.

She was wearing a light salmon-colored blouse with a lace detail on the chest, a gray miniskirt underneath and very modern beige ankle boots. In addition, the driver of Univision He posed in a very sensual way while they did a whole photo session and exposed her long, heavily toned legs.

On this occasion, Lili Estefan, although she is much loved admired by her audience, unleashed a wave of harsh criticism. Apparently many of his followers consider that she is no longer a “young lady” to walk with those short miniskirts and much less to move and pose like that.

“Aren’t you too old to dress like a fifteen-year-old?” “You’re not old enough to dress like that!”, “Nothing like a girl, 54 years old, I admire her, but sometimes it’s ridiculous how she dresses for her age”, “There is that little skirt, no, that is not for the old woman”, “It is excellent that you look very good, but do not give yourself to compete with your daughter, because you are already going on another level, that it shows that you are her mother Little sister, he’s not ugly but he is careful ”, were part of the accusations made to Lili.

However, there are many who thought the opposite and so they let him know: “You are beautiful to go out to a spectacular dinner. Happy night ”,“ Beautiful as always ”,“ Beautiful my Queen ”,“ She is among the most beautiful ”,“ Always very beautiful ”and“ You don’t even notice how old she is ”.

There is no doubt that this outfit divided opinions among the followers of the Univision companion of Raul de Molina, who has not commented on the accusations of some famous about alleged abuses of “El Gordo” to them when they attended the television program. Let us remember that Raúl has been denounced through the program “Gossip No lIke” by women linked to the industry, who assure that the driver “has lost his hands from time to time.”

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