Lili Estefan unleashes dancing in a swimsuit and a luxury yacht

The host of “El Gordo y La Flaca”, Lili Estefan, showed off his body at 54 years old aboard a luxury yacht and dancing unleashed and dying of laughter. At the bow of the boat, “La Flaca” shook his skeleton in front of the immense sea and with a hat that he had to watch so that the wind would not blow it away.

The presenter of Univision would have invited his family to celebrate “Memorial Day” on a yacht at full throttle. There Lili did one of the things she likes the most: sharing with her loved ones and dance till you drop. The father of “La Flaca” was there and both showed that the Cuban flavor is in the blood and that not everyone has it.

“WELCOME #JUNE It smells like #SUMMER my beautiful people !!! and almost in the middle of # 2021 Happy Tuesday beauties Seguimosssss #QueNoSeVueleMiSombrero #Miami #BoatingLili ”, was the message with which the beautiful and slender blonde accompanied her video. Immediately, his friends from the show business commented: “@jomarigoyso: My lili !! But released “,” @Thalia_ I love you, I want to be there by your side! ” and “@aleydaortiz: I love it,” they exclaimed.

This time, the presenter again caused a stir by showing off her great body and her desire to live life to the fullest, surrounded by the people she loves, who corresponds to her and especially with the gigantic smile that characterizes her on her face.

Days ago the presenter shared that she was nominated for an Emmy Award but not because of “El Gordo y La Flaca” but because of the program he did with his aunt Gloria Estefan and her cousin Emily Estefan: “Red Talk Table, The Estefans.” In the different installments they made, very strong themes were touched such as Lili’s harsh divorce and the suicide of his mother, Gloria Estefan’s accident, as well as important guests such as Kate del Castillo Y Lele pons.

There is no doubt that, at 54 years old, Lili seems to be enjoying the honeys that hard work and perseverance have left her, as well as the strong moments that she has gone through since, as she herself has said, they have strengthened and they have taught her to always carry on with her head held high.

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