Lil Marlo, known rapper loses his life after mysterious attack | Facebook

Rapper Lil marlo, 30, was shot dead over the weekend in Atlanta according to police reports that the TMZ portal is in his possession.

The police, reported the portal newsThey answered a call on Saturday night. The call came as a car accident on Interstate 285 in downtown Atlanta, but when they did they found that the rapper he had been shot. He was declared « lifeless » at the site.

At this time, investigators believe the victim was the target of the shooting and are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting, « an agent said.

He medical examiner confirmed to TMZ that he has the body of Rudolph johnson, first name of Lil Marlo.

We just did a song at 4 this morning smh. RIP brother « said his colleague Lil Yachty when confirming the news.

Lil marlo He signed with the Quality Control label and scored highly with several songs, including « 1st N 3rd », « F ** em » and « 9 + Z6ne = 1’5 ».

Johnson unveiled in 2017 when he collaborated with the rapper and his friend Lil Baby on “2 The Hard Way

Similarly, as confirmed by the authorities who revealed that the fateful scene occurred while Lil He was driving on an interstate highway.

The corporation responded to an accident near the bridge Benjamin E. Mays Drive, around 11:30 PM.

There is so much potential that the world had no chance to see. I love you brother. This really is hard for me to say, QEPD, ”wrote Pierre Thomas, CEO of Quality Control Music, on Instagram.

Also, it has transpired that unfortunately the 30-year-old artist leaves two children.

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