Like the red queen! Maribel Guardia poses in fiery red dress

Like the red queen!  Maribel Guardia poses in a fiery red dress (Reformation)

Like the red queen! Maribel Guardia poses in fiery red dress | Reform

The beautiful actress Maribel guard He has made a great impression throughout his career, however, he currently looks better than ever before and he boasts this every day in each of his publications on his social networks.

The statuesque actress and singer boasted a pronounced esc0te with a dress that makes her look really phenomenal.

The Costa Rican actress Maribel Guardia has once again raised passions after sharing a photograph on her official Instagram account where she boasts a provocative fiery red dress.

And it is not for less, since the 61-year-old actress is the possessor of a figure that more than one young woman could envy.

The longest way is to stand still. #sabado #actitudpositivo #lookoftheday @jessicaangelcollection “, wrote Maribel Guardia in the publication.

Along with the message to his millions of followers, he shared a photo where he boasts an elegant long dress, and a red neckline that makes her exquisite body look while she reveals one of her shapely legs.

In it, she is leaning against a log and as always, she shares a smile with her followers, something that makes her look even more beautiful.

There is no doubt that Maribel guard She loves to share her various outfits with her followers, and it doesn’t matter if it’s leggings, tight dresses or sexy swimsuits, she always looks spectacular.

The publication was shared yesterday and so far it has been a sensation so it has more than 100,000 likes from its followers and endless comments from users of the social network.

Very beautiful Madam, it suits you very well, excellent color “,” That dress is a dream “,” How beautiful “,” Muyyyyy good night guarancandilla have sweet dreams you look beautiful “,” For you I want to go to school “, were some of the many comments.

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On the other hand, Maribel has always been friendly about how she maintains her figure and her beautiful face, so she explained how she does to keep the skin on her face flawless, specifically the terrible expression lines that come with age.

And is that the actress has been giving absolutely everything in her “show” on Facebook, but particularly this time, she confessed the beauty tips that all her followers wanted to know.

Guardia assured that, although they are very difficult to make them disappear, their appearance can be diminished and softened.

Mix an aspirin with egg white and apply on the “crow’s feet”. You leave it on for 20 minutes and then you rinse it off with warm water “, commented the also host.

In addition, he gave four other tips that included all natural materials, such as: honey, avocado pulp or aloe.

There is no doubt that the renowned television host is causing a sensation in networks with every garment that she wears, because she is not a goddess of fashion at all, and this time we can assure you that red is a color that fits her perfectly.

Maribel guard, is one of the most sought-after celebrities on the Instagram social network, because thanks to her beauty and talent, she is led to conquer countless hearts, each of her publications is destined for success.

In each of her photographs and videos, her followers usually fill her with compliments because Maribel Guardia always looks like a beauty queen, making it clear that age is just a number.

And it is that to be honest, at more than sixty years of age the conductive television looks really divine, and every year she dazzles more with her style, personality and elegance, so if you think about renewing your wardrobe do not hesitate to check her official Instagram account.

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