Like Salma Hayek, Andrea Legarreta hugs python around her neck

Like Salma Hayek, Andrea Legarreta hugs python around her neck | Instagram

It was in one of the broadcasts of the program “Hoy” where the actress, Andrea Legarreta, steeled herself and ended up looking like her own Salma Hayek in one of the most memorable movie scenes that have shaped his career.

Although for many, the moment he starred Andrea Legarreta it was familiar, not that the “Today’s presenter“will recreate the famous scene from” Twilight to Dawn “(1996) when popular actress Salma Hayek wraps a python around her neck while dancing.

It was in one of the sections of the program where they presented a diversity of species and where the presenter carried a huge reptile on her shoulders as in one of the scenes of the popular film the internationally renowned actress, Salma Hayek, did.

Erik Rubín’s wife showed all her courage and let the dreaded animal perch on her shoulders as well as the python’s tail hugging one of the legs of the morning’s collaborator.

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In the middle of the various sections of the magazine program, one of the moments that caused a great astonishment in addition to the presentation of various species of snakes was when suddenly, Legarreta appeared with one of the python specimens posing on his neck.

It is worth mentioning that Andrea Legarreta Martínez did not reflect any tension after carrying during the minutes of the capsule one of the members of the family of the “constrictors” who come to be considered one of the “longest snakes in the world”.

It should be said that it was only the 49-year-old “cheerleader” who was the only one of all the members of the cast of conductors who appeared with the impressive viper that surrounded her neck and legs that reminded more than one of the style of the famous Veracruz star, although For her part, Andrea did not perform any dance as the “Wild Wild West” star did.

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It was in one of the transmissions on March 30 that the specimen visited the Las Estrellas program forum and was also accompanied by other specimens, including a chameleon, a gecko iguana.

Other of the companions of Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo did not stay with the intention of having one of these small specimens in their hands, Lambda García and Marisol González were very excited with the presence of these exotic prototypes.

About Salma Hayek’s movie

An American film that starred the film, theater and television actress, as well as producer of series such as Netflix’s “Monarch”.

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The Mexican, a native Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz performed a dance in one of the scenes of the film in which she appears with a snake on her neck, which immortalized her on the screen and became a great reference to this production by the hand of director Quentin Tarántino .

After the great success that it represented for the career of the 54-year-old actress, the doors of Hollywood were completely opened to a world full of opportunities with various roles that earned her various awards and recognitions.

Another of the performances that forged her career was the one she performed when playing the Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, a film she made in 2002.

Undoubtedly, the Mexican actress and host, Andrea Legarreta, who for several years has remained a key part of the cast of presenters on the morning show, shares something in common with the famous wife of fashion entrepreneur Francois Henri Pinault.

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Both did not show or at least conceal the aversion that feeling so close to this class of reptiles could generate, taking into account that in Salma’s case, she does have a phobia of snakes.