Like Jessica Rabbit, Chiquis Rivera looks more than stunning

Like Jessica Rabbit, Chiquis Rivera looks more than stunning (Instagram)

Like Jessica Rabbit, Chiquis Rivera looks more than stunning | Instagram

The beautiful Chiquis Rivera knows how to develop to perfection when it comes to flirtation and glamor, because Jenni Rivera’s beautiful daughter looked like the very same Jessica Rabbit at the Latin Grammys.

The singer shared on her official Instagram account images of how stunning she looked that successful night, in which Chiquis Rivera received her first Latin Grammy, this one for her album Playlist.

Many thought of the flirtatious character of Jessica Rabbit, a very beautiful red-haired woman who goes beyond coquetry with her elegant red dress, when they saw the beautiful ex of Lorenzo Méndez dressed in a stunning black sequin dress, the garment counted with a pronounced and original neckline on the top and one on the leg, so it let the famous woman shine in all her splendor as she walked the carpet. But Chiquis Rivera also showed off her curvy silhouette, as the dress outlined her figure.

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The interpreter of Cheer up and you will see He accompanied the elegant dress with matching sneakers and a handbag also in black.

For the occasion, the famous chose some small shiny earrings and her short blonde hair with waves that make her look like a Hollywood star.

Chiquis Rivera He shared both photographs and video of the important event and his followers did not stop expressing to him through the same medium, Instagram, how beautiful he looked that night; in addition to congratulating her on what is her first Latin Grammy.

Lupillo Rivera’s niece took advantage of the same medium to thank all those who have supported her in her musical career, her team, family and those who were part of the Playlist; without whom he would not have been able to live the dream of having a Latin Grammy in his hands.


There are not enough words to express what I feel right now. There are many mixed feelings, but more than anything gratitude. Grateful with God, with my mother, with my Boss Bee Nation, with my brothers, with my work team, with my record label @fonovisa … with my friends and colleagues who accepted my invitation. With the composers, producers, and each person who was part of this album #Playlist ✨ But above all, THANK YOU … THANK YOU to those who have believed and supported my project from day one …. You know who you are. Thank you!!!

Chiquis Rivera dedicated his award to all those who have been about to throw in the towel in the pursuit of their dreams and gave them words of encouragement to show them that it can be done and that with work and discipline everything is possible.

This award, my first #LatinGrammy from the heart, I dedicate it to each person who has wanted to throw in the towel, give up, or have wanted to put a stop to their dreams due to bad comments, adversities, obstacles, or by “the one who will say.” Whatever they say … you go ahead, because IF YOU CAN !!! Dedication! Perseverance! Discipline! FAITH! And deaf ears. #FOCUS #ConDiosTODO.

This message was shared with a photograph in which he posed as smilingly with an image alluding to the Latin Grammy, the publication was made a day ago and exceeded 80 thousand reactions on the famous social network.

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On the other hand, Chiquis Rivera He has shown that he also promotes the dreams of his brothers and also shared excellent news on his Instagram account, that his sister Jacqie Rivera has released her first single, Existo yo, which is already on digital platforms.