The most classic of sandwiches McDonald’s: he Big Mac. To create it, they were inspired by the hamburger called « Big Boy », a double hamburger marketed by the Big Boy restaurant since 1936.

The burger was created in 1967 by the owner of a McDonald’s franchise Jim Delligatti in the city of Uniontown, Pennsylvania; it was later marketed throughout the United States with the only modification being to add an additional slice of bread in between. Now you can make it quietly from home, with very few, simple and rich ingredients. You can’t believe the tremendous result!

How to prepare your own Big Mac at home. Homemade Big Mac, a recipe not so secret anymore.


Hamburger ‘bread
Half an onion (well chopped)
Cheddar cheese
Sliced ​​lettuce
Finite burgers (two per sandwich)
French fries to accompany

For the secret ingredient:

100g mayonnaise
20 g ketchup
1/2 onion
1 pickle (or 2 if they are small) minced very small
20 capers (approx.)

Homemade Big Mac, a recipe not so secret anymore.


We divide the loaves into three. If they are too thin, you can use one and a half.
We cook the burgers and also one of the three parts of the bread (just toast).
We place a cheddar cheese feta over the cooked burgers and put them under the burner, so that the cheese melts.
For the secret ingredient, in a container we are going to place the 100 g of mayonnaise and the 20 g of ketchup. We mix well.
Chop the onion very small and add it to the ketchup and mayonnaise mixture.
We do the same with capers and pickles. They have to be cut into small pieces.
We mix the ingredients.
We put some mayonnaise, mustard (optional) and ketchup on one of the covers.
We add the lettuce.
We add one of the meat medallions and the bread that we toast. On top, a little chopped onion.
On the other cover we are going to place the secret ingredient and a few filleted gherkins.
Finally, the other meat medallion with the cheddar cheese and voila!