Like a Phoenix. This is how one of the most powerful Ducati in Mexico revives

Streetfhigther V4S it is an impeccable and surprising motorcycle. It is not only a Naked beautiful and powerful, its origins come from the competition. Only the motor is derived from Moto GP V4, a monster named Desmodici Stradale. But beyond the impressive image and history, it is an amazing bike to ride.

It has an autonomy of up to 160 kmIt has a range of up to 160 km Sandowalsky

At the handlebar we can choose driving modes. On street It allows us to have a smoother ride between 1st and 2nd gear, advancing with the minimum of revolutions to avoid sudden starts and lower gasoline consumption. In Sport mode modify the assists, making them more permissive. The sound of the exhaust is wonderful, but where it really stands out is when braking with the engine, using the shift assistant Quick Shift, changing the feeling of braking completely.

Features Quick Shift assistant and three drive modesFeatures Quick Shift Assist and three Sandowalsky drive modes

If we want to go further, in the Race mode we note that shifting can be done at higher revs while considerably reducing some assists, the handling is much more aggressive and direct.

At the maximum extreme is the Ducati Power Launch. This system helps us to start with greater control quickly. To use this very aggressive system it is recommended to activate the Wheelie Control, which prevents the front tire from rising in full acceleration, giving us greater security.

The Ducati Power Launch allows us to start more abruptly and quickly.The Ducati Power Launch allows us to start more abruptly and quickly.

Side inverted wings, more than an ornament, they derive from Moto GP, increasing the grip of the front tire at high speeds, and improving airflow to the engine.

Streetfhigther V4S It’s a great option for those seeking adrenaline without sacrificing anything in the naked world. The modern 5-inch TFT screen is very practical and easy to use and read. Being able to customize the level of assistance to the user’s taste makes it a unique motorcycle, as it adapts to the handling of each rider.

For 2021 we will see her arrive in new colors, with the same power, but with adjustments to the engine to improve polluting emissions, complying with the Euro5 standard.


V4, 1,103 cc, 208 hp


6 sequential speeds


Front: 43mm inverted fork

Rear: Monoblock with monoshock

Seat height

84.5 cm


120/70 ZR17 del. 200/60 ZR17 rear.


0-100 km / h: ND

Vel. Max .: <300 km / h


10 km / l, tank: 16 l, range: 160 km


ABS Cornering and TC

Price range

503,600 MXN (only version)

Unit tested