Like a goddess! Celia Lora forgets the bra and falls in love with Instagram

Like a goddess !, Celia Lora forgets the bra and falls in love with Instagram (instagram)

Like a goddess! Celia Lora forgets her bra and falls in love with Instagram | instagram

Images impossible to forget !, the beautiful Celia Lora got into the minds and dreams of many of her followers on Instagram by posing surpassing the flirtation for Instagram.

The Boss of Acapulco shore She knows what she has and what she owns, that is why Celia Lora showed off on Instagram without giving importance to the wardrobe, because why she needs it with tremendous anatomy.

The beautiful daughter of Alex Lora and Acapulco Shore star of MTV He left many of his followers stunned by posing from the ground and forgetting the bra for his official Instagram account.

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The internet and television star spoiled her followers on the famous social network by forgetting about complicated costumes and using only lace on the upper part of her body. The beauty Celia lora She only adorned her beautiful skin with her tattoos, a small ribbon and a thin chain around her neck, her arms became her accomplices and tried to cover her charms with the camera lens.

The scene could not be so captivating if Alex Lora’s beautiful daughter did not throw that look of mysticism that invites her followers to dream and imagine what would happen if they found themselves in that situation next to the MTV star.

As with a photograph of such magnitude, words are unnecessary, Celia Lora limited herself to writing the link to her exclusive content page and a couple of hashtags.

LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL CELIA LORA HERE #mexico #cdmx @rodrigo_lucentini, this is how the famous woman described her photograph.

This publication has been on the minds of his followers since June 30, the date on which he shared it on his official Instagram account and has already exceeded 160 thousand reactions in the famous application.

Celia Lora knows herself to be a beautiful and intelligent woman so she is a very self-confident woman, something her loyal fans adore. Alex and Chela Lora’s daughter has become a star on her own and has several projects on and off television.

Definitely one of the famous projects of the fans of this beautiful woman is Acapulco shore, where he can be seen alongside other beauties such as Manelyk González and Karime Pindter; However, the work of this famous goes further.

Acapulco Shore is not the only project The Boss With MTV, Lora also has her own Love Clinic, which she opened during this pandemic to get closer to her followers and give them advice on love and relationships; although it would probably be more love, since this beautiful woman advises everyone to stay single, since she assures it is better to be without commitments.

This program is broadcast on MTV on Thursdays and it was on two occasions during this broadcast that this beauty opened her heart and confessed that the culprit for her not wanting to be romantically involved was her last partner.

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Celia lora shared that the man in question was extremely jealous and this situation ended their relationship. He assured that on one occasion he complained to him for having got up at midnight to make him a cup of tea because he was ill, he assured that he had left the house to meet a lover.

The subject even invented that in a “p3da”, she had left him and his friends to go with a woman to do very private things in the bathroom of the place.

Celia Lora shared that people really do not know how to be in a relationship, that is why she advises everyone better to stay single and free.