Cardi B pulled out her claws and defended herself as she does better than anyone knows how to do. She made things very clear to him!


March 28, 2020

Cardi B He rectified in one of his posted videos that “She was not going to stay quiet” after being harshly criticized on television. No one could stop her!

It all started with an interview they did to Mia Cepeda, but she went over when she wanted to make a comparison to Manolo Ozuna with the rapper of Dominican origins Cardi B.

“She is like Cardi B who was a prostitute, a hidden dancer, a drug addict, and today she is Doña Cardi B”.

As it was expected, Cardi B knew how to respond too well to Mine through a Live that made the rapper with more than 3 million views.

“I was never a prostitute and I have never used drugs. Yes, I was a dancer and I have never hidden it ”were the words of Cardi B. But also, Cardi also called Cepeda “Extraterrestrial” and “sweet potato face”, which made the followers of the interpreter of “Rodeo” laugh out loud.